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Thread: [RELEASE] SparkBoard by Wannnabanana08

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    Talking [RELEASE] SparkBoard

    This is a theme I, Wannabanana08, Created

    Please give reference if you decide to host it on your repo etc. Feel free to mod the theme or request icons



    1) Start of by installing Catergories,(Cydia Default) Springjumps (Cydia Default), FiveIrows(touchmania repo), FCSB (Cydia Default)
    and iBlank (Cydia Default) from Cydia

    2) Create four folders in Catergories, "Media", "Games", "Home", "Apps". Chose any icons. (Case sensitive)

    3) Enable page jumps 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Springjumps and put them all in the dock and disable page titles.

    4) Setup the following page:

    "Home" page(0): Create 14 blank Icons with iBlank, And place Safari, Settings, Cydia, IM+, Home Folder and Mail app and set them up in the order as seen in the screen shots included in the Rar.Place all native apps except for photos, Video,Music and appstore in the Home folder.

    "Media" page(1): Create 16 blank icons with iBlank and place Music, photos, Media folder and Video icons in the order as shown in the screenshot. Place all media apps you have in Media folder (Shazam etc.)

    "Games" page(2): Create 12 blank icons and put NES, Games folder and Doodle jump (Couldn't really think of an app to put there, and put 5 of your faveoutite games above them in their slots as shown in the screenie.Place the rest of your games in the folder.

    "Apps" Page(3): Create 16 blank icons and place **********, App store, Apps folder and Winterboard as shown in the screenie, Place the rest of your apps in the apps folder

    "Stuff" Page(4): This is the page where your free to put any apps that you use regulary and dont want them in folders

    Apply the theme and in winterboard, check " no docked icon labels" and "no undocked icon labels".

    Easy Peasy lol Have fun with your new theme



    Upcoming projects:

    Xbox 360 theme in progress Being made completely from scratch

    iPaper hand drawn by me
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -cg2tyzzi.png  
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    Looks promising
    great work

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    Very nice theme![=

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    Looks great. And what'd I tell ya? :P

    BTW,the q in my name was a typo when I went to hit tab while I was signing up.It's me HTK.

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    Haha I have to say HTK you were right even though it kills me xD

    Lol thanks for the support btw

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    No problem.Sparkboard's getting better.I have to say I love the way iPaper looks though.It's a great idea.An ipod theme that looks like the person using it doodled the entire thing.That's crazy good.

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    If u don't mind sending me the wallpaper for ur doodle theme

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    Thanks and all the icons are doodled by me xD

    Raptor its a whole pack of page by page wallpapers

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    Well can u just send me the one u have previewed

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    no probs

    If your using it in another theme please make just a small reference

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    Yea I won't release anything without ur permission I was just wanting to test out something 4 my personal use

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    Thanks dude !

    Sorry for the double post

    **UPDATE** Download added
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