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Thread: [PREVIEW] seVen

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    Default [PREVIEW] seVen
    I have seen numerous themes for Windows7, but it always feels like they're only trying to look a bit like it, i kinda always get the feeling they're not trying to consistently follow the corporate design microsoft implemented, so here is my own attempt at it.

    I am currently only showing a preview to get some feedback whether it's even worth to continue with the work (personally i don't like windows and therefore would never use the theme myself, i am doing this purely for the community).

    Click here for the full preview.

    Any feedback is welcome, i can take it :P
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    your preview image is incredibly low res.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rancho View Post
    your preview image is incredibly low res.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m404 View Post
    Not fixed.

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    Real nice work - tell us when it is ready for upload and we can try it out.
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    Do hope that helps


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    picture is still really small...

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    very nice.. i like it a lot, keep up the good work.. Good to see a windows style theme. rather than trying to make an iphone windows os keep up the awesome work my friend

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    the screen preview works perfectly, it's in a 1280x900 resolution ... but you keep clicking on the thumbnail attached to the post, which is not the preview screen
    to see the full screen preview, please click on the "CLICK HERE" link inside the first post, and you'll be taking to the full preview hosted at imageshack !

    Current ToDo List :

    - Icons, Icons, Icons (Weather Icon is just a mockup, Messages kinda doesn't fit the theme, Store Icons not yet fully consistent with the theme, etc etc etc ...)
    - UIImages : none finalized so far, lots of photoshop work but haven't come around at testing them yet
    - UISounds : at the moment processing the files to be clear and sharp, yet small in size ...
    - Keypad : since i don't use Win7 (i use OSX), i have no idea what would be a fitting design ... so not even any concept art yet, waiting for a creative flash (or some helpful feedback)
    - LockScreen : slide to unlock needs a bit of a polish (password box is too large, icon and text seem so lost in it ...)
    - IconMask : i'm yet not sure how to do it, since the Windows icon design doesn't really have a consistent layout ... i'm thinking of making it Orb like, but not sure if that would fit ... until i solve that issue, the IconMask is on hold.

    Further customizing options that will be available :

    - Theme will contain PSD templates for the Icons and for the LockScreen.
    - A full (!) PSD Template for the whole theme, including UIImages, will be available for download from an external source (too large to include with the theme package)
    - Alternative Wallpapers for HomeScreen and for LockScreen will be available, no alternative Icons will be made though (since the template will be available, i will leave that to the community :P )

    If anyone can post screenshots or any other material of how some parts of the UI should look like (like the mentioned Keypad), i'd really apreciate it .. as stated before, i do NOT use Windows7 (i don't use windows at all, to be honest) and therefore i have to rely on external resources and screenshots to see what it would look like on a desktop :P

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    and now for a landscape one
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
    and now for a landscape one
    sry, not going to happen ;-)

    i have plans to create a landscape theme aswell, in the far future, but it won't be Win7 based.

    my initial (and still current) concept for seVen is to create a thorough and full-featured theme for Win7 users that want their iPhone docked next to their TFT to look like their OS, but without hacking the iPhone to anything more but winterboard.
    If someone wants to customize it later on and make it 5 icon rowed, 5 columnized, perhaps even include widgets etc ... so be it, they're free to do so of course
    but i won't be specifically supporting it, because to achieve these goals (5 rows/columns, widgets etc) you have, in a certain way, to sacrifice stability/consistency of the original iphone UI.

    winterboard only changes the path from where graphics are being loaded, it's still the "original" UI , just with exchanged graphics. changing the matrix of the icons is definitely not the same story anymore ;-)

    i truely believe in the effort apple put into their decisions on how to develop their UI (their decision not to allow customization is of course a very narrow-minded one, but that's not what i meant).

    i am , at the current moment , using the White Apple HD Customization (with all its features), and although i think that the author made a superb job at the design/style itself, and i gotta admit that it's really looking very sleek, it is nowhere as "usable" as the original interface.
    browsing thru my phone takes much longer, performance is weakened, and the stability is definitely compromised ...

    to make a long story short : what i want to achieve with "seVen" is to make the original (apple) idea of the iPhone OS fit the design identity of Windows7 ... not more, nor less ...

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    This does not look like windows 7 no offense...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zinjen View Post
    This does not look like windows 7 no offense...
    From what i gather this theme is not suppose to look like windows 7 but be themed after it. This is not a replica theme, like most os themes, its a theme that simply uses what apple already created but giving it that windows feel to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
    From what i gather this theme is not suppose to look like windows 7 but be themed after it. This is not a replica theme, like most os themes, its a theme that simply uses what apple already created but giving it that windows feel to it.

    while i am indeed using original artwork and material extracted from a windows7 release, i am definitely not trying to bring typical windows UI elements to the iphone, like the taskbar or microsofts concept of the red X as the closing button ... i am indeed trying to make iphone OS fit a windows environment without altering apples initial concept of usability too much ...

    i am close to release the first preview version for those interested in it ... just a few more tweaks and maybe i'll manage to implement a few UIImages replacements already ... should be up in the next 2 days

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