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Thread: Transformer 3.0 - Hacktivate your iPod Touch!

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    everytime i open the messeges or phone application it closes straight away

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    Sorry but I have maybe a newb question, I have an ipod touch 3g 8gb running 3.1.2, I used transformer in winterboard and everything works great!

    The problem is that everytime I respring or turn on my ipod touch, it displays the message "Waiting for activation, This may take some time."

    Is there a way to get rid of this message, I wen't into the transformer app files to snoop, but don't know if there is a way to trick the ipod (which thinks its an iphone) into thinking its activated?

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    just a random question, why would we need to hide contacts? its on the iphone too.

    btw @gonzov i made a video on how to change what that annoying popup says. i tried and there isnt a way to make it think its activated.
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    the camera app wont showup on the springboard

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    cool, nice work
    My Dog Pop Arted!!!

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    will its work on itouch 2G 3.1.2?

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    This would be really trick if we could get the "phone" app to work with Google Voice or Truphone, then basically turning the iPod into and ivoipPhone, with free calls!

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    this is great......Now i dont have to use rename anymore or edit those plist files

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    Wynd you´ve done it again.

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    I just took the textfree app from the appstore, replaced the images so it looks just like the stock iphone messages app, and done. It looks just like the messages app and I can actually send messages. Now as for the phone app, I haven't gotten that far

    Yuppp. That's what I got and it works great

    Quote Originally Posted by MyIpodsBroken View Post
    Thanks so much i have been looking for an app like this for ages!! all of the apps work fine except when i open compass or messages they close straight away, i have set the permissions to 755 many times...any ideas? :S
    If your using WinSCP, when you SSH the files in, when you right click on the folder, to change the permissions and whatnot at the bottom of the screen there is a checkbox that says "Set group, owner, and permissions recursivley" check that and the apps should work just fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by skip2me View Post
    will its work on itouch 2G 3.1.2?
    That's what I have and it works great.
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    this is realy cool... i theme on an ipod and this allowed me to see what my phone dialer themes was doing while working on theme. now I'm on ios4 and it is not working if anyone figures out how to make this work on ios4... please post it

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    The icons says mobileSMS and that stuff and blank icons on os 4.0.
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    Can't it be used with the googlevoice SMS tweak?

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    This is so funny, everyone actually thinks I have an iPhone xD yes I'm still on 3.1.2...

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    Did it today thanks to wyndwarrior :P

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    Default How do I set the permissions?
    Quote Originally Posted by wyndwarrior View Post
    STEP 2:

    SSH "Transformer 3.0.theme" to your themes folder, located in private/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx
    SSH and into your applications folder.
    Set the permissions of the two folders and all of its containing contenets, including English.lproj and its contents, to 755.
    plz help

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