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Thread: Leopard 3g Beta [Preview]

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    Default Leopard 3g Beta [Preview]
    All Beta Tester will get PSD files to allowed them to make their own drop down menu to fit their app needs. Also Beta Testers will have final votes on how the final outcome is made.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    2g & 3g friendly even better on 3gs
    Drop down menu
    Wifi bar to the right
    Clock to the Right
    Landscape Status Bar
    Apple Signal Bar
    Tons of Wallpaper
    Updated Often

    Main page everything is touchable dock, task bar, finder, stacks


    Finder Tap the red circle to close Finder (still being worked on it will not be that big)

    Drop down menu All apps are easily touchable now

    Stacks Tap Stack and the Stack windows opens with all your apps you add there. Tap Stack again and it closes. Tap the more in Finder icon and it will open Finder up.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ab.png   -img_0038.png  
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    Im writing the Instructions right now...but the beta is ready to go.

    I don't have a set date for its release yet, but i should have this out as soon as i finish the writing.

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    ofm05, its it the same setup as Pear-phone. I actually have his beta theme on my phone. Im was one of the people who donated to get the theme. Do you mind sending me the beta so I can test the beta out for you?

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    It's looking really good, but if you can, move the dock icons down so the reflection doesn't end before the end of the dock. Other than that, it's pure eye candy and spot on Leopard goodness

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    Look much like pears...hmm looks great!! Lol i'll keep a lookout 4 z beta(:

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    No its not the same setup as im only using 5x6 icons. It might look the same but there is a difference in how i did my alignments. As far as the docks goes i will fix that...

    I can't believe i did all this without fixing the dock which was also custom made to look the way it i have to go fight with the icons again lol!

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    Lol ok goodluck!! (: haha It looks awesomeeee

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    Okay I re-did the icons. Let me know what you think?
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    Great(: I like that background more also(: keep it up bro!

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    Now it's looking even better!

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    okay i updated the pics and the wallpaper

    anything else ya see wrong before i continued writing the instructions?

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    Looks perfect(: can wait 4 beta

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    So you have to donate to get in the beta?
    Is there any other way for me since i have no way to donate (but i really want to since this theme is awesome ),
    I couldn't get in the beta from pear too because of donate

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    How did you get more than 1

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    The phone is in the dock once you use it you will understand how it works pears beta is awesome cant wait to see how this one works

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    Great job on this theme how long did you work on this one

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    Great Theme. i want test it :-)

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    great theme hope its as good as pear-phones theme

    btw from the screenies the icons look a tad blury
    are they actully like that or is it just the image being bigger that the iphone screen? Swag Store
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaos776 View Post
    The phone is in the dock once you use it you will understand how it works pears beta is awesome cant wait to see how this one works
    Of course! I feel so stupid right now. I assumed he rotated the dock instead of making it invisible and including the landscape one as part of the background.

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    looks amazing!

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