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Thread: iLandscape

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    Soto go do some reading about his recent posts! It's acually quite funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Late_Nights View Post
    I'll keep to what I said.

    1st. he registered 10/08, that means he didn't received the beta from pear, cuz he was banned already. Also it would take some time to make a new version of the original.
    2nd. he did release his theme in a site with exactly the same design as the pear's one.
    3rd. his bad english clearly seems to be intentional.
    4th. it's possible to fake real ip, isn't it?

    But it's not like he killed somebody, he just got banned and decided to come back.
    I'm not going to say its not possible

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    This is too obvious! This guys A joke! He's a kid that wants attention...i am no long ever ganna support any of this guys themes!! Lmao nice "bad English" trick

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    Guys, "iGalrauch" and "pear-phone" or however his nick was on this forum, aren't the same persons. Why the **** should pear-phone use icons from the glaskart theme?
    iGalrauch asked pear-phone how to do a landscape theme, because he jumps into the mainstream, but that's all.
    Why you just don't look here:
    ApfelPortal - Apple & iPhone Forum: - Zum Thema Idioten
    with google translator you should be able to understand the german. And pear-phone is also registered there as "Birne" (german word for pear)

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    where can i get these icons? please send me a link. they're hot
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    Is that Pear???????? I really miss Pear in here.... He is the one who can make the best leopard theme until now...

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