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    iVillain theme

    This is a preview of a theme that I have been working on. It is modeled after the new UI from HTC on the Hero. It will have a working flip clock widget designed to look like the one on the device. Also it will have a weather widget that will run on top of the clock widget. I don't know to much about HTML so if someone is willing to modify the widgets to get both of them working together I will email the files. I will also be modding some of the most commonly used apps to match the style of the UI on the Hero. I will update as I finish them.

    I will release this theme once I get enough of the core icons themed.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome here.

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    YES!!!!!!!! Finally, I cant wait for this release.

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    Fantastic concept, look forward to the release.

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    **** thats nice, i like it alot its very soft around the edges i might have to install wanterboard again for this
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    Very nice indeed.

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    First off, i love the idea! cant wait to try it out when its done...
    But i have one question....
    What would the icons on the left and right of phone be? =/

    (P.S. Can you also Provide us with PSDs with the finished theme? thanks!)

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    The way I have it set up is winterboard and contacts, I may change it down the road. Yes I will provide PSD for other to modify.

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    wow dude amazing cant wait for the release...........can u give us a hint when u gunna release it =)

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    I don't want to make any promises. It won't be to long for at least a beta release.

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    lol works for me =D.....cant wait man thanks for the hint

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    Nice, thanks again justflikwalk =)

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    I'm new to the threads but I have been following for quite a while and back when someone posted about making a HTC-Hero theme I actually started on but then shortly stopped because I don't know any coding for the widgets..anyway I don't know if this helps but when I made the dock I put icons for itunes and safari (see picture)you may use it if you like (I take no credit for the icons)

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    Nicely done!

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    I really don't know much about them either (widgets) I just looked at a bunch of different ones and by trial and error was able to finally get it working the way I wanted. Thanks for the advice on the dock. I'm not dead set on what I will put down there. Maybe I will leave them blank and make a few different glyphs that can be added in later.

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    Alrite, it all sounds good and thanks for the advice on the widgets... if you need any help with the regular icons I already made some too so just let me know

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    When & where will this be released?

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    I will release a beta soon. I don't want to give any dates just yet only because I think that is lame when a date is given and not met. I need to refine the widget a bit and make at least the core app icons before I release the beta.

    Sorry to answer the second part of the question it will be released here.
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    just a few thoughts. Its a great theme. Excellent job.

    Ok first... on the flip clock. The AM background should be white, the PM background should be black. Its amazing how many people making these flip clocks overlook that small detail, but it was a big feature of the clocks back in the 70's and even the 80's. White background told you it was during the AM and the black the PM.

    Second. It'd be nice to see this actually working on the lock screen.

    Third, and i'm betting this is harder to do, animate it. That's what's really got folks in a tizzy over it. When they see the rotation, it looks killer.

    4th. There's another one posted here, I can't remember it but its probably here on the first page. Anyways, that clock has a sort of 3d look to it. And by 3d I mean that the bezel around it looked to have some depth. EDIT. screw the bezel. From your screen shot it looks perfect, at least to me. No bezel. just kind of free floating like you've got it is awesome.

    5th. If you can tie in an alarm to it, you could put an LED light where the : is between the hours:minutes. Green for on, red for off. It brings just a bit of color. don't make them both, top and bottom, just say.. the bottom.

    Other than that, great job. I look forward to downloading this. If its worthy it'll be one of the only winterboard related items I'm running right now. Currently I'm on a stock theme, but I'd love to have the flip clock on my screen.

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    Thanks for the response, I really like the feedback I have been getting.
    As far as the widgets there is not much I can do to change it. I really don't know much about HTML/JavaScript which the widget is using. I have been looking for awhile for a flip clock widget that would work the way I want it too. The widget i'm using does use the : it alternates top and bottom. It is still in the widget I made it transparent. I agree on the AM PM difference, I just don't know how to code it right to get it to load the images for AM/PM. I am also waiting to here back from the person who created the widget I'm using to get permission to post it.
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    I'll say this. Flip clocks are big now. Just look at that HTC Hero. I've been saying on another forum that if Apple doesn't get its collective stuff together I forsee a lot of iphone users dumping the iphone for the Hero. I mean wow, HTC did a knock out job of design on it. Being able to customize and change widgets at will, something apple seems vehemently opposed to. Such a shame.

    I know that if Apple doesn't match the Hero by the time it comes to TMo this fall I'll dump my 3g for it. I would love to have the ability to swap out 16gb mini SD cards. Unlimited memory limited only by how many of those cards I can buy.

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