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Thread: Neon Elegance beta 1 [Release]

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    here it is my mod of this great theme

    for ipod touch

    the phone is siphon
    the text is im+
    and the ipod is mobilmusicplayerflip or something like that


    stickman1000000 neon elegance beta
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ipod-001.png   -ipod-002.png   -ipod-003.png   -ipod-004.png   -ipod-005.png   -ipod-006.png   -ipod-007.png   -ipod-008.png  

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    nice try but not realy my stile

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    which part didnt you like?

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    yeah i know the lockscreen is badly done i will fix it up when i get more time do you like the rest

    even tho i havnt changed much?

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    well jsut lockscreen and battery...
    you can change it as much as you want untile its looking good

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    lazardj, theme looks great. I actually put it to test on a friends phone last night. He called me today say the problem is the battery life runs down extremely fast. Is there something in the theme that would cause the battery to run low. Something running in the background. Other than that, great theme

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    i heard that SSH doesnt work with 3.0

    ok this worked. nut how i cahnge the configureme file??? it come up on the internet on my mac. cant edit it?
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    of course ssh works on 3.0... jeez. anyways, u can configure the .js by right clicking and opening with TextEdit

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    woah dude.. alright.. isaid i got this to worl..

    anyway.. it still says Nis but with my Weather..
    and its still in Celsius

    where it syays replace with 'false' do i gotta have the quotations bc, there wasnt any around true

    and where it says replace

    /* Set to 'false' for Farenheit. */

    var isCelsius = true

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    did u save the file when you were done and then replace the old one on your phone?

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    i got it now man.. only thing is the 6day weather s onto the border of the where his pic is....

    now to make the categories and ishhh and im done

    and his looks so much hotter bc, im from NY and its going on to the clock... i tried changing the "yahooWeather" to accuWeather and typing in SI, NY but it wouldnt register
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    i will make you file not to go over clock just tell me what you want to change...

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    Hi I want this great theme on my phone but how? I am jailbroken.

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    its same as all themes... just copy 3 folders to theme folder and then use blank icons to arange icons on sporing board... for weather you have few posts above...

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    Very new at this, is there some place I would look to find out how to put some of these themes to work?

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    i took off the live weather but kept forecast due to a crazy battery drainage... so now i have the icons ovee the picture frame to make it look like pictures on the wall..

    think u can make a white couch one with pink pillows and carpet for my girl? i dont have the time to mess with photoshop

    never mind.. i cant sleep so i messed around with it. and didnt do the white couch.. it doesnt look right.. but did the pink pillow and rug..
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    It seems theres another aplication other than cydia to download the theme.
    But I dont know what?

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    you need just 5 icon dock, winterboard and iblank for this theme...

    sorry MC_KNuCKLeHeaD but you will need to wait untile 10-15 i realy have to study... after that i can try to make it

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    Thank u
    So when u download this theme where should it save to?

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