iSam, it's like iNav, only without the complicated setup. Simply create Categories folders named Games, Media, and Tools. Put all your apps in the appropriate folder, except for iPod (iPod Touch users download MobileMusicPlayer Flip to combine Music and Videos) and Cydia. Also, install Five Collumn Springboard, iBlank and BlankNull, put those in folders as well. Create 35 blank icons with iBlank, distributing them 7 a page, 5 pages total. Start with putting your iPod app on the first page, it should be in the middle of the second row. Continue this process putting Games on the second page, then Tools, then Media, and finally Cydia on the final page.

OPTIONAL: Install packages from Cydia to make the page icons clear.
ALSO OPTIONAL: Put icons in the dock, I didn't being that my version's dock says "Sam's iPod"

EDIT: Boy, I feel dumb. I forgot to put in a download link! Here,

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