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Thread: My First iPhone Update

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    Default My First iPhone Update + UPDATED
    UPDATE: I've recently made a few changes and thought i'd share incase people are intersted.

    Hopefully you can download here soon:



    Hey guys,

    This is my first attempt at modifying my iPhone. It's really just icon changes and the iTouch reflective base added.

    The aim was to group icons with similar colours and make everything look neater. (line of green, then white/black, then blue, then finally orange).

    I have uploaded the files to the following location:

    1) Create a new Theme folder in Summerboard then copy dock.png, minidock.png & wallpaper.png into it

    2) Create a subfolder in that theme called 'Icons'

    3) Then copy all of the icons into the 'Icons' subfolder

    4) Finally, use rSBT to arrange the icons on the Springboard. (see layout.txt for help).

    Note: All of the icons used were downloaded from this website in the download section. The only changes I did was make the calendar and notes headers green and the settings background orange.
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    good work! you going to upload the icon set?
    if you want to take screenshots from the iPhone itself install
    or install ibrickr download application "dock" than take screenshot
    Hit Thanks!

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    The colors lined up really does look good.

    I have to find that calc icon so I can steal it...
    I've got two states of mind, stoned and asleep

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    Thanks for the Screenshot help.

    Original post updated - including download link.

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    Looks nice.. I like how you set it up..

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    gorgeous man... i love the look of it but i have a few other themes i threw together myself i like just a little more. however...i loved your icons so much ive added a few of them to my custom themes so that they look even more amazing. great job!

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    I wish we could have custom rSBT arrangements for each theme...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    I wish we could have custom rSBT arrangements for each theme...
    I second that. This is the main thing i'm looking for. Perhaps in a future SummerBoard release?

    Thanks for all the comments guys.

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    Updated original post.

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    could u post that safari icon..looks nice

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    As soon as the mod approves the download it will be available.

    Please note I did not create that icon.

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    Nice Nice Work!!!!!!

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    Love this theme ! Wish you can add colored icons for other applications such as applolo, sketches weDict.. etc

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    He didn't create those icons, just search the boards for different icon sets and setup a new theme for yourself. It'll give you something to do!


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    Since it's so easy to move icons in 1.1.3 i've gone back to using my originally created theme.

    So I thought i'd give this thread a bump and share with you guys once again.

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