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Thread: Old School Dialer Graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
    What is the purpose of modding the artwork file? (simple and dumb for me pls)
    It is simple... The artwork file has three critical elements in it for a complete refacing of the dialer... They are:
    1. 12-button pad (Normal version)
    2. 12-button pad ("pressed" version)
    3. LCD Background image

    There are a bunch of other images in there as well but those are the ones key to what I did here. Why Apple decided to stick some images in .artwork files and others not I have no idea but thats what they did.

    Hope that helps to make sense of it.

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    Awesome! I am using it now. Thanks!

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    New Downloads now approved and available. Go to it.

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    This is awesome. I have a quick questions for you.

    What if you just want to have a 'background' change, but don't want to do the overlay like previously. I.e. I would guess you would mod the the 12 button background grid?? What files would you change and are they in an .artwork file or a different png (I thought it would be that DefaultDialer.png - but it won't open in any program I have).

    So, to summarize... If you just want to change a background, but *actually* change the background... which file(s) are needed to be changed??

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    Its tough because you can't just change one file...
    All the files in the zip really are needed to do a full reskinning. Actually there are a couple more if you want to change the green of the "call" button in its up and down states. When i did this I changed 3 files in the .artwork file. parts 29, 30, 31.

    Here is the summary of what has to change to do the full dialer reskinning. I hope this helps make some sens of it. All of the following are found in the folder.

    - This file needs to be exported, then reimorted after your mods are made before you put it back on the phone. To do this I used the Java application iPhoneShop
    - for a reskinning as I have done you need to change 3 png files from within it, parts 29, 30, and 31
    - 29 is the LCD area background. the app stretches this 8 pixel wide image into a 320 pixel wide image.
    - 30 is the keypad area in its up or normal state
    - 31 is the keypad in its down or pushed state. (The software isolates the individual button areas when the screen is touched and displays the appropriate section of this png file

    DefaultDialer.png (320x460)
    - This is just the image you see very briefly at the start of the dialer app. As far as I know it serves no other purpose. It is esentially a screenshot of the finished dialer app in its normal state.

    addcontact.png (107x64)
    - This file is the normal "Add Contact" button that you see in the dialer.

    addcontact_pressed.png (107x64)
    - This is the Pushed state graphic for the "add contact" button

    delete.png (107x64)
    - This file is the normal "Delete" button that you see in the dialer.

    - This is the Pushed state graphic for the "Delete" button

    callglyph.png (22x21 in its default state)
    - This piece is more complicated... this file is the graphic that appears on top of the green for the "call" button. Transparent areas will show the color as defined in the callbkgnd.png and callbkgnd_pressed.png files. To fully replace and cover the graphic as I have done in this skin you need to change the file size to 106x66 with the top 2 pixel rows being fully transparent. That will give you full coverage of the color area and locate the image correctly on the screen.

    callbkgnd.png (3x64)
    - This is the normal state call button background (the application stretches this file to be 106 pixels wide)

    callbkgnd_pressed.png (3x64)
    - This is the down or "pushed" state call button background (the application stretches this file to be 106 pixels wide)

    (45x35 in its default state)
    - This file does not need to be modified in any way to get a full replacement for the dialer. This file is simply the nine little blue shapes that show up at the bottom of the screen over the word "keypad" when you are in the dialer app.
    - NOTE: This element is one of the topmost layers of imagery on the screen which is why you can modify it and have whatever you want on the screen. That is also why there are so many problems with seeing the blue button presses when the standard BarDialer mods are done. Its because those are just sitting ontop of everything else and not really changing the graphics. Its really just a mask overtop of the real dialer. (If you wanted... you could replace the bardialer after you put the rest of the files from my reskinning on and you'll see that it just covers up the graphics for the dialer)


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    yes! the update is awesome.

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    any chance of finding a sound file for when you dial on these kinds of phones? i dont even know what they are called to search, i always call them phone booth.

    found some sounds but do not know how to edit them, any ideas?

    I took a stab at it with audacity, in the, let me know what you think.
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    I don't know that the sound is any different from wha tthe iPhone has on it... They are just regular touchtone phones. Or are you talking about something other than the number tones?

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    yeah i was talking about the touchtone sounds, they sound diffrent on pay phones than most other phones, i tried using ibrikr to add the mp3 files i made but it didnt change it, no big deal though.

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    i am new to the iphone, and have no clue how to customize it and love the way this dialer looks, can anyone take me under their wing and show me how to do it???? pls???/

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    Mr. Sparkle,
    Thanks for the idea of the retro dialer. I really liked it but couldn't wait until you got a chance to do the button pressing. So, I took your lead and created my own.

    I'm waiting for it to be approved, but here is the Default image. It's pretty sweet. Thanks again for the idea and jumping off point!

    -Download link pending approval


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    Coolness! I hope it didn't take you too long. You should have dropped me a note... I am actually pretty close to being finished with my version. Just had to step away from it for real paying work for a bit. I like the little call icon you dropped in there off of the payphone as well. I may have to do a switcheroo on mine.

    Kaos, drop me an e-mail when you get a chance if you don't mind. Thanks.

    Great Stuff!

    I just took a look at Koas' revision and I gotta say it looks great. He just sent me a copy of it to check out. Really a nice job on the thing! Everyone is going to love it.

    As I told him, he got most of the minor tweaks that I was working on putting in on my next version and threw in some little stuff that I hadn't thought of. Love that call button icon off the pay phones... great place to use that.

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    i guess its never gonna get approved.....
    Hit Thanks!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    good work!

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    looks good but mabye you could edit out the half of "loud" that doesn't show up all the way, just a thought
    Hit Thanks!

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    This is just too cool, looks so frickin real. Thanks guys!

    PM me if you would like to get it on installer for easier access and install for everyone.

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    I used Fugu to ssh in to my iphone and I placed all the graphics from the zip file on to my iphone. Here is what it looks like when I go to dial a number?

    Is the default image copied by customize for back up getting in the way?

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    Looks like you replaced the "BarDialer_Sel.png" file with the "DefaultDialer.png"
    There is no need to change the names of any of the files in the zip. All the files within the zip should be copied over to the folder and are replacements for files of the same name in there. Be sure you back up your originals by copying to your computer before overwriting with the files from the zip though.


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