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Thread: Theme Release: my fiRst tHeem

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    good work bunbun. for some reasons it reminds me of my Atari1600.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunbunfriedrice View Post
    Hey everyone! I updated the theme! It now has over every icon (I think, let me know if you find a missing one!) and is also available on!
    Could you make an icon for "Services"... I just downloaded it and would like it to fit in with the rest of the theme.

    Great job by the way. This is my fallback theme every time I download one and don't like it.


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    i love the theme, great job!!!!!! could you make a dialpad to go with it?

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    I dont know what peeps are complaining about. this is BY FAR one of the cleanest and best themes out there. Why woudl you want all the clutter and BS other themes sometimes add?! GREAT job! Thanks!

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    Absolutely good idea. Yeah, the moment a mod came in and said it was good, all of the sudden nobody says anything bad anymore. Followers! Unlike this fine member and his sweet theme

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    I wasn't a mod when I posted that =/ But yes, this theme rocks!

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    wow..this is good...i like the simplistity of this theme...

    using it right now! keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunbunfriedrice View Post
    Yea... You want that. Go download it in the "homescreen icon set" section of Themes. It has almost 50 icons, all the stock ones and the most popular native programs. Let me know if you need any new icons! Thanks!

    EDIT: Some of the files were named incorrectly in the .zip folder for some reason. So if you downloaded it and noticed, please redownload it beacuse I edited the file! If you want you can just rename the non-working files in /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/my fiRst tHeem/Icons. it should be pretty straightforward. (for example rename MobileSMS.png to Text.png) Thanks a lot! ~bunbun

    EDIT: Here is the link:

    i love this theme, it is my favorite...thank you !!

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    this theme rules!

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    This is actually the theme I am using on my phone and I love it !! It's all about originality. Thank you for a great theme and keep up the good work.

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    wow this theme is off the hook!

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    Excellent theme idea! Made me some icons that were missing and I'm all set. Good job to the creator

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    This theme is haaalarious!! I love it.

    I was on the bus and some ****hole asked me "What the hell i was using" cause he saw the theme.. I said its an' iphone. He laughed and said, yea right. ppphhhllfff.

    This theme kicks.

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