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Thread: [RELEASE] Accurate Beach Ball Loader!

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    Default [RELEASE] Accurate Beach Ball Loader!
    I was tired of the beach ball loaders that just rotate, only the dark spiral thing spins. So I made my own from scratch in Photoshop. Enjoy it

    DOWNLOAD Accurate Beach Ball Loader

    Extract the folder after download and inside should be a folder named 'Beach Ball Loader'. SSH this folder to /root/var/stash/theme. Check it in winterboard and when it re-springs, you will have an accurate beach ball loader.

    Donate via PayPal if you want
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    I love it, Thanks

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    GJ but i cant get it to work on my iphone

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    Very nice Love it!
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    I'm glad you guys like it

    lazardj, you have to ssh your phone and put the folder in root/var/stash/themes. Then check it in winterboard.

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    i did that... its marked in winterboard and i respring my iphone and nothing

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    Is it on top of everything in winterboard?

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    yes its first

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    Did you extract it? When you do, put the folder named 'Beach Ball Loader' in the themes folder of your iPhone. Using the folder 'Accurate Beach Ball Loader' won't work, but the folder inside of it will.

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    yes i made it i dont know what was problem...i tryed few more times and its ok now...thx i realy like it

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    fantastic Thanks

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    I love this BUT... the wheel seems to be a little flat on the top and bottom. Its doesnt really look round when it shows up. Am I crazy?

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    I think when it was resized the cropping somehow made the bottom slightly flat. I could remake it but doing it the first time took about 2 hours...

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    everyone please help
    i installed loader
    and it shows in everything but cydia
    anyone know a fixx?
    heres the youtube video i made of my probablem....
    [ame=]YouTube - iPod Toch Help.. Loaders Wont Show in Cydia[/ame]

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    I don't know what to tell you, it works fine for me. Is is 3.0? I don't have 3.0 and don't know if it works for that Cydia. If not, have it on top in winterboard and hope it works...

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by connorj4 View Post
    everyone please help
    i installed loader
    and it shows in everything but cydia
    anyone know a fixx?
    heres the youtube video i made of my probablem....
    YouTube - iPod Toch Help.. Loaders Wont Show in Cydia
    I'm assuming its because you have winterboard settings installed on your iphone in which there's a setting that makes it so that themes only show up in and not in any other apps (i.e. Cydia, Facebook, etc.,)

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    This is not accurate at all, all that turns in the darkened part of the pinwheel. My search for a real beach ball loader continues

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    when does the beach ball loader show up?

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    dude i was looking for this for awhile, because sbsettings respring has this
    you call this a theme, ***** please

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    Great works.. Works perfect on my i4 4.21 JB

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