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    Hi guys, thanks so much for your support and feedback, I'm going to release the beta theme tonight, so I hope your all going to add your little bits and pieces to it to make it even better, I started this theme and the icons for it from scratch and now it looks very good with your help!

    in the dock will be the phone, calender, weather, settings, anyting else u want =).
    Update 4 :
    I have finished basicly everything, I just finished the lockscreen, changed the games section a bit, made afew icons for itunes, contacts google earth etc... check it out,

    Update 3 :
    I have finished most of the main icons and the pages, I am still finishing the lockscreen, everything is going well, I hope i'll be done by tomorrow =)

    Update 2 :
    I just finished dealing with afew icons, changed afew blendings on the shadows, and did the pages so far, I just have to finish the SMS/CHAT/Email page (the last one).

    Update 1 :
    I have done the wifi/battery/reception bars. I have also made afew changes to the icons and made afew new ones, made the bottom dock. Have a look and please feedback to me because it really helps getting it done asap.

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    Oh crap it looks awesome! please release
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    thanks bro =), I am almost done, just alittle bit of touch ups here and their, it should be ready within 2 days

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    I like the icons, perfect for spring/summer time. I do noticed that some of the icons has a strong drop shadow and some don't. Is that on purpose?

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    That's a nice looking theme. I will look for it in a few days. Keep up the great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8lias View Post
    I like the icons, perfect for spring/summer time. I do noticed that some of the icons has a strong drop shadow and some don't. Is that on purpose?
    Yeah you're right, Its mainly because some of the icons are not as smooth on some parts as others, you can see some icons having hard edges and its not looking as good as I want them to be, would you be able to give me some tips on how to make them smoother, say for example the "skype" icon, or the notes?. That would be great. If you want I can send u psds of my work too.
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    releaseeeee dude, i love the icons and the style waiting

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    I like it a lot. I'd definitely use it. Are you going to take icon requests too?
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    I'm really feelin this theme!! Can't wait til release!!!

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    Awesome, your theme are very good
    Nice work

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    Wow nice theme... Great work my friend.

    It's sooo clean and simple, I really like it!

    Can't wait for the release


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    =) thanks to everyone for your comments and it makes me really happy to see that people appreciate my work hehe, anyway, I am just almost done , lock screen shouldn't take long, otherwise, I take requests for icons, as soon as you get the theme, you will have all the standard icons including afew popular apps.

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    awsy44? I have a question.. can you make the Lockscreen that when I touch it it is unlocked?

    Sry for my poor english

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    Wow. That themes looks insane. I can't wait for the release

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    Wow. That themes looks insane. I can't wait for the release

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    would you be able to make other colors as well?

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    This is truly a great looking theme. I can't wait until it's released, which looks like any day now.

    One thing that I do not think looks right is the font for the clock in the dock. If you used something that matches the font used for the calendar or weather icons that are also in the dock, I feel it would fit a little bit better.

    Regardless, nice work. Looking forward to the release.

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    like it the stuff on the side looks stretched

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    Hi everyone , thanks for the support, I am having trouble finding some icons that can fit in the right hand side, I try to resize them to get them their but end up looking ugly and stretched, so if anyone can give me ahand with them I would be very greatful, i'm going to release the beta tonight, so if anyone is intrested to help me, i will post the psds needed with it =), thank you all for your support

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