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Thread: [Nostalgia] iNitsua 3.0

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    Any expert able to help me on this issue?

    Refer to the screen shots of my phone. After setting up the theme, the springjump icons remains as numbers instead of the original wordings.

    Someone please help. Thanks in advance.
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    The springjump icons are named wrong.
    go to the icon folder in the initsua theme and make sure they are named Page #

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    Quote Originally Posted by zero-x View Post
    The springjump icons are named wrong.
    go to the icon folder in the initsua theme and make sure they are named Page #
    Thanks for your reply. In the icon folder what i saw is Page0.png, Page1.png, etc... Should i rename to Page 0.png, Page 1.png, etc... ?

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    Yes it should have a space between Page and number

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    dermarco (2009-08-28)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zero-x View Post
    Thanks guys. i read all your replies and i will try to help you.

    i tired to change those grey icons because it didnt fit. but mine didnt turn out too well either

    As for the iPhone version, the instructions wont be too clear. im not 100% sure of how to set up the icons. but ill try.

    i made a blueish lockscreen but im not too good with making backgrounds.

    So who wants the name iNitsua electric?

    hey man can u please send me the initsua evolution (homescreen) theme? i would reaaaaally appreciate it! i really want it! so plz email me at [email protected] thank you so much!

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    Hi zero-x, thanks... Problem solved.

    I would like to request for icons:

    1. "Jewel Quest Deluxe" - iTunes Store
    2. "SUDOKU (intl)" - iTunes Store
    3. "biteSMS" - Cydia
    4. "Voice Memo" - FW 3.0 stock app
    5. "iStat" - iTunes Store
    6. "Megatouch Photo Hunt" - iTunes Store
    7. "China Mahjong" - iTunes Store
    8. "Photo Find Fun!" - iTunes Store
    9. "Docs" - Cydia
    10."3G Unrestrictor" - Cydia
    11."FStream" - iTunes Store

    Hope you can help me on this. Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone have the Fonts for this because photoshop cant see the font. also do i delete the "Springjumps 0-7" in the Applications folder because i still see them on my SB?

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    how can i get more springjumps for home page (page 0)
    i setup the themes put can only use 1 springjump for home page

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    i'm probably going to get shot and yelled at here and sound like a complete noob but why is it when i go to setup this theme i goto spring jumps and set the correct number of pages 0-7 on that i then get 8 0pg spring jumps 8 1pg spring jumps and so on why is it that everybody only manage to get 1 of each spring jump page thingy i get multiple ones ?? sorry for sounding like noob but tried googling it and spending like 2hrs and still could not set it up any help would be much liked (.)Y(.)

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    how did u get the landscape statusbar? plz let me thats awsome

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    request for portrait view icons.

    gvmobile, lexi-comp complete, at bat, slingplayer, mycokerewards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonneepuh View Post
    request for portrait view icons.

    gvmobile, lexi-comp complete, at bat, slingplayer, mycokerewards,
    You can find gv & mlb here iNitsua iPhone/iPod Touch Theme - Icons (the link is in the first post)... as for the rest you may have to make them yourself I'm afraid.

    Most of the icon makers seem to have abandoned this theme, which is a shame coz I've been using it for a month or so & its Awesome!!!. I'll probably do so as well as soon as iNSPIRED portrait comes out.

    I made a few icons of my own if anyone wants them - they're pretty much a cheap & nasty magic wand & grey-scale...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricc View Post
    how did u get the landscape statusbar? plz let me thats awsome
    I co-sign that, still nothing about it?

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    The landscape statusbar file and directions should be with the theme download.

    If not, download my new theme iNSPIRED Landscape and get the files and installation directions there.
    #eli7e revived me

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    If you haven't seen the message i sent you read it now , i sent it last night. I need your help to make a HTML date and time, and another one later for my lockscreen. i think i might need to add an ls overlay in it.

    The theme is moving quite fast and is looking great, as soon as i get the html part things done for the lockscreen, the lockscreen will be almost 100% complete and ready to post as an update picture to the preview i got started for the theme.
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    I love the theme, so i have a few icon requests:

    App Store Apps:

    Amateur Surgeon (or A.Surgeon if you prefer)
    iCopter (theres 2, one in red and the other in Green)
    Ferrari Gt Evolution Lite Vers
    Block Breaker Deluxe 2
    Spy Bot Chronicles
    Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs Scrat's Skate Park
    De Blob
    Stunt Car Racing
    Racing Live
    Speed Test
    Draw Race
    Swine Flu Detector (the green viral looking one)
    Penguin Catapault 2
    Asphalt 4
    Hero of Sparta
    Minesweepers Free

    Cydia Apps:


    Thanks so much for the theme.

    Also. i was wondering,

    i only have about 40 apps, but because of all the blanks, and there only being 4 apps at tops on the first 6 pages (using iPod Touch)ive ran out of pages for my apps

    is there some way that i can get a few more pages on my springboard?

    And one last thing,

    is there any way of disabling the spotlight search on the iphone/ipod touch?

    thanks for your time man!



    Sorry for the long post
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    Nevermind for the icons, i got bored pulling apart and putting back together my psp so i made some of them myself

    ive attached them if anyone wants to use em.

    ya all know how to use em, rotate em if u using portrait vers of theme, then drag them into the Icons folder of the theme

    1. I know theyre crap
    2. you dont have to tell me their crap
    3. if you think theyre that bad, make em yourself!
    4. start from number one again.

    Ones here are:
    de Blob
    Must Eat Birds
    Spy Bot Chronicles
    Speed Test

    have fun
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    Someone has way to much time on their hands ...

    But in this case that a good thing!!!!

    Not ever really a fan of landscape ... but I actually like this one.

    Will give it a try for sure

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