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Thread: [RELEASE] A New Metaphor 1.0

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    Yeah, it was getting late and I was too tired to really play with it. I will get to play with it more tonight after work. I will definately try your idea and see what I come up with.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    Torosyan (2009-06-27)

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    Played around some more with the loading idea Runt had, but to no avail. Everytime it looks like it'll work something goes wrong (thank God for AptBackup!) Nevertheless, I've updated and both changed some things and added new theme elements.
    The third version will probably sit for a while. I'll be concentrating on the MacOSX.5 theme and both my MBA and a friend's wedding for a while. When I update again, I'll have more requested icons (and may release an early icon pack on my theming blog as I go along,) but I'm also thinking of doing an iNav-based theme for the second edition of ANM. Let me know if you'd be interested, I have little intention to release it elsewhere (even on MediaFire) if I do it'll only be on MMi (keeping true to iNav's author.)
    I am sorry I didn't get around to adding more icons in the latest version, but things came up and my internet went down in the meanwhile. Also, I concentrated my efforts on Safari, SMS, and trying [read: "failing"] to theme MobileFinder, Facebook and Google. If anyone can help in this respect please do. I have all the pngs for Finder, but no idea what to name the folder. Facebook and Google, well, after much frustration, let's just say I need to start over. SMS looks much better, and I hope people will like what I've done in Safari. Cheers!

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    Torosyan (2009-06-27)

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    hey, big fan of your theme

    problem is i recently installed the recent update that says its now compatible for 3.0 but now it wont even show up in my winterboard, i was wondering if this is a glitch or an error with the update. i have an ipod touch 2g with the 3.0 mmp tweak. can you offer help? or another update to make it work on ipod touch?

    thanks =]

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    I haven't confirmed 3.0 compatibility yet, but the file is definitely not working. I've had the same problem downloading it from Cydia. Something seems to have gone wrong in the upload process. The MediaFire link appears okay for the latest update. I've submitted a new update and it should be up soon, hopefully that will fix the file.

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    Torosyan (2009-06-28)

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    Talking ah okay :P
    sorry about the mix up, i thought the update was compatiability to 3.0 (ignor what i said previous)

    i LOVE this theme. thanks for making it =] (i pressed thanks)

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    Nothing yet.
    The version on Cydia still appears to be 920K, which is the bad upload. There is a MediaFire link on anewmetaphor.blogspot, which can be downloaded and installed in the meantime. I can't directly link you guys there and you'll need to SSH it into the Themes folder, but it'll work until the busy guys of MMi can get the 1.4 upload on Cydia.
    The OS3.0 version is taking a while due to other obligations getting in the way, but the blogspot also has a preview of it. I'll be posting a beta there soon, for anyone who would like to test it out. It should be ready by the end of the month.

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