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Thread: [Release] Darkness

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    Default [Release] Darkness

    Click Image to download ^^
    Any reqests leave a comment here or on my site
    NOTE: IF you have the Time/Date issue
    Q: The Date and Time is overlapping this Theme, how can I hide it ?
    A: Follow the following steps:
    - Download this: [[/url
    - First, backup your original LockClock.ttf file somewhere safe. It's located in: /System/Library/Fonts/Caches/LockClock.ttf
    - Then, replace the original with the attached LockClock.ttf file.
    - If you are a French user, rename the attached en.plist it to fr.plist, if you are a user from the UK, rename it to uk.plist etc. If you're from the US, you can just keep en.plist
    - Place the just renamed (or not) file in: /System/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats/
    - Reboot your phone
    - You are done

    EDIT: Picture download link does not work, use this.. (This site doesent work with the BB code..)
    [Release] Darkness - WTFish

    - crypt for some glyphs
    - Tollboy for glyhs
    - Manic Nimrod (Sorry for spelling it wron )
    - GauravaGiri for keyboard
    - TheAppleTree for Battery (dosent show up when using the theme but..)
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    Not too bad. Nice post.
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    Default I like it!
    Great theme, I really like it.

    I would like to use it on my iphone.. but there are a few icons I would really like to have. Do you have a template for a blank icon? I tried using the calendar icon, but it's so small hard to work with..


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    Nice looking theme....Thanks

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    Default Icons
    Well - I adapted your theme to me, it's a great theme. My icon making skills aren't nearly as good as yours. My wishlist for this great theme, would be icons for: phone,camera, maps,weather,stocks,skype,siphon & google apps

    thanks again (here's a screenshot)
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    Looking good

    Il have those icons soon

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    Thank you, appericiate it

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    Sorry for bumping this theme but can someone post a new link?

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