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Thread: Bleach Theme - My first theme

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    Default Bleach Theme - My first theme
    Here's the Bleach Theme I created for anyone who wants it.

    Home Screen:
    Service = Seireitei
    2 versions for 13 icons - 13 Court Guards Symbol / Captain & Lieutenants

    The icons were the hardest thing to come up with. I wanted to go for a transparent icon look with the colors red, white & blue to go with the dock and wallpaper, but I think I kind of suck with creating my own icons. 2 versions are added for your choosing.

    Day weather

    Night Weather

    For the weather images, I originally had planed to have Seireitei for the day image and Hueco Mundo/Los Noches for the night image. Problem was that I could not find any good images.


    Battery icons - 2 versions

    Not quite the images I wanted, I was really hoping to have Ichigo go from no mask (low battery) to Ichigo with a full Hollow mask (full battery). Problem was that the required image was rectangular and that if I did go through with my original plan, then the image would be really small. So I'm hoping this would do.
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    It looks nice Just wish that the Home screen background would be Darker Like a Fadeing dark blue like the show or a black and light color Icons. That would make it pimp but I like it.

    Link does not work.

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    i like it a lot, but you uploaded a jpg file to the download section instead of the files

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    Crap, I didn't realize what happened. I originally uploaded the file, but then I uploaded the jpg file thinkin it was going to be a preview pic, guess I was wrong. Anyways, the download is fixed. Sorry everybody.

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    Where's the Phone Mail Safari and iPod icons? there not in the zip?

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    I like those dock icons a lot!

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    just noticed the weather background is missing too :/

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    OMG!!! I seriously can't believe I didn't add those. THanks for the heads up.... again. Upload fixed.... again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPTICS View Post
    OMG!!! I seriously can't believe I didn't add those. THanks for the heads up.... again. Upload fixed.... again.
    lol, I hear ya, I did the same thing when I released my first theme (guilty gear).

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    Hey man!!!
    i LOVE bleach and i love ur dock
    but i can find it on summerboard..><'
    im pretty noob can you guys help me??
    cause i use a mac and i dont know how to get the file onto my iphone AND i cant find bleach on installer..><"

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    great job love the theme!!!!

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    nice job

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    Very well put together!

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    nice job. I wish I had skills because I need more icons to go with this theme unless you are making more then that would be even sweeter (especially those dock icons sweet!)

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    ive got a problem,
    i copied the files over to my iphone with winscp
    (into the Summerboard/Themes directory)

    but when i select the theme in SMB, the icons aren't replaced?
    how do i do this? total noob here...

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    could someone just post the wallpaper.

    I can't use the theme but that wallpaper is awesome


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    ercan anyone tell me how to install it on my iphone? i already have it so can anyone email the instructions to [email protected] thanks

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    same here!! but i have a pc

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