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Thread: [RELEASE] Apple inav mod

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    Hey guys, I tried to do the 5 page one and only the first 4 pages turned out correctly, so i decided to uninstall it, that's when i realized that i also accidentally deleted my backup font folder, so can someone please extract their original font that was replaced by this theme? Thanks a lot!

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    Default White apple 3.0 hd help!
    HEY ITJ OR ANYONE THAT CAN im new to this theme and just started it yesterday BUT im almost finish i just would like to request a page IF ITS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR


    street fighter iv big icon
    streets of rage - TOP 10 SEGA GAME
    gpsphone- game boy emulator

    also how to get the date, weather and time under my icons in the middle....and how do i change the headings at the top of the theme from various to apps. In advance thanks to all who can help.
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    First of all amazing job on this theme man... One of the best I have had till now.
    I do have a couple questions.. Hope someone can answer them

    1. The dock icons are not properly aligned. They have slipped a little as you see in the pic. How do i fix this?

    2. The big icons on the left also look like they have slipped a little more than usual. I have fixed it for now by using a PSD template of another theme, but not all have been fixed...So Can I get photoshop templates of the big and the dock icons??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibnyaffa View Post
    ok for all the ppl that want thier weather icon on the spring page to match the theme to look like this...

    this is a fast fix i did for u guys... follow the steps one by one and u should be ok..

    1: grab all the images u got from the theme littelboy made called ( icones for a weather widget ) and drop them in .../private/var/stash/Themes.?????/White Apple/Bundles/

    2: now download this file Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

    3: unzip it and place it in the theme folder of ur phone throu ssh...

    4:make sure that my theme... (ibnyaffaWeatherIcon.theme ) is under.. not on top... under of ur theme in winterboard... like this

    5: now respring ur phone...

    6: now go to ur ( original weather icon and app ) make sure under sittengs that ur town is on top... like this...

    7: close the weather app...

    8: place ur weather icon anywhee u want on ur springboard ...
    and VOILA... ur done....
    can someone point me a link to the file? i tried downloading but its no longer available in sendspace. Im having problems configuring the clock and weather widget. everytime i try to activate it via winterboard my phone becomes so slow and it overheats. when i deactivate it everything works out smoothly.

    hope someone can help me out

    thank you

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    Whatever happened to the update to this, and the pogoplank?

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    Default theme icons
    Here are just a few more icons. hope they help.
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    Stormy08 (2010-05-27)

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    Hi can you please make me page4 titled Misc.


    and can you please make sure that it says Apps on the page NOT Various

    Thank you!

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    Hi, This is actually the coolest theme ever!!!
    Would anybody be able to make this setup with the 5 page background?

    Thanks in advanced =D

    - Page 0
    Cydia: Download Jailbroken apps
    App Store: Download App Store apps
    iTunes Store: Download songs from iTunes

    -Page 1
    Videos: Watch high quality Movies
    Photos: Flick through Pictures
    Jumi mouse: Control your computer

    -Page 2
    Categories: Put your apps in folders
    Winterboard: Change your iPhones theme
    Ebuddy: Chat with friends on MSN.

    -Page 3
    Angry Birds: Plump and ripe for roasting
    Doodle Jump: Warning highly Addictive
    Rugby Game: Rugby World Cup 2011

    -Page 4

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    Hi there.
    I'm new to this iPod world and needed some help to install this theme.
    I just know the basics of jailbreaking and installing basic themes but nothing like this one.
    I have an iPod Touch 2G and wanted to know if this theme is available to it too.
    If someone could add me on MSN to help me installing this theme from the beginning I would be very very thankful, because I can't understand nothing from those tutorial videos .
    Just leave me a email with your's to add you.
    Thanks for any help.


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    Hey how do I change the lockscreen, Im going to themes/white apple and trying to rename the lockbackground with the alt themes but it's not working

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    Hey, new to this forum but just wanted to say this is a great theme, well worth the time spent installing it.

    I was also wondering if it's possible to edit wallpaper text using GIMP? Because I've never really used GIMP (or any image editing program more advanced than paint) before and couldn't work it out.

    Also if anyone knows of an iFitness icon which has been made to fit in with this theme, a link to that would be great.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    I dont think you can edit the text on the wallpapers using GIMP.
    I have tried but it wont let me edit the text on the PSD files. They must be for photoshop only.

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    That's a shame then, might have to get photoshop one of these days. Thanks for the reply anyway.

    Just one other question does anybody know where to find the grey "View All" icon. I want to put it in the categories folder to use it with that but it doesn't seem to be with the other icons?

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    Haha yea. I was thinking about downloading the free trial of photoshop just for this but its about 1gb so dont want to run out of usage =P

    White Apple 3.0\White Apple Automatic Theme Set-Up\Spring Jumps\SpringJumps (4 Page Set-Up)\
    Is where you will find that icon.

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    Shim (2010-05-07)

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    Sweet, thanks man. Never would have found that on my own haha.
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    Guys, I'm having the following problem.
    I had instaled the theme on my iPod, but don't know how to take ou the names of the shortcuts (page 1, page 2, etc). And I'm using a 5 page set up, so the icon of jump to page 6 is still an arrow, and doesn't change to view it all like the others.
    Can somebody help me here?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Try renaming this icon found in

    White Apple 3.0\White Apple Automatic Theme Set-Up\Spring Jumps\SpringJumps (4 Page Set-Up)\

    To Page6 and copy it into /var/stash/Themes/White Apple 3.0/Icons

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    Thanks a lot ;D
    It worked changing the icons.
    Now, the issue of the names, how can I take them all out like in the printscreens you put arround here?

    Edit: Forget this, I got it already :P
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    No problem. In winterboard tick "no docked icon labels" and no undocked icon labels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkester View Post
    No problem. In winterboard tick "no docked icon labels" and no undocked icon labels.
    Yeah, I knew that, but discovered why it wasn't changing at all, i needed to put those labels at the top :P
    TY anyway.

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