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Thread: [Release] Time Weather Calendar Springboard Theme v1.1

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    Default This is THE Best Wallpaper Theme, But Can We Make it Better?
    Let me go ahead and give you the big head dgwilcox for developing this theme. I love it, and a few of my friends that have seen it have gone to get it also. I was wondering if there would be a way to add another tweak to it. I was looking at other wallpapers and found some at Lighting iPhone wallpapers - iPhone Wallpapers,iPhone Backgrounds,Sexy Wallpapers Free Download. I was wondering if you could tell me (if it is possible) how I can not only manipulate the wallpaper for the time of day, but to also manipulate it for the weather; rain, cloudy, sunny, etc. I think that it would further enhance this theme to be able to look at a glance (just from the picture on the wallpaper) to see what your local weather is like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyaross View Post
    Go to Cydia, install iBlank, from which you can make blank and transparent icons. You only need to make one for what you want to do. Then, press any icon on the springboard to make them wiggle, move your blank icon to the upper left corner of your first page, and move all other icons to your second page. Then, press home button, vola!
    thank you tony

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    Default Probably a stupid question...
    First, I love the theme!

    Quote Originally Posted by lol that guy View Post
    I really like this Theme. I have been changing some things though and was wondering if there is a way to have the 5day forecast on the wallpaper like some people have on their lock screen?

    One thing I did with this theme was put the calendar icon where the calendar is. On the home page. the icon is invisible and so is the label. simple but kind of cool. the whole home page screen is blank. I'd like to put the 5 day forecast above of the calendar and have the weather channel app there and invisible. so you touch the 5 day forecast on the home page and it goes to the TWC app. I would move it up so that I don't have to change the dock apps.

    Also is there a way to make the other pages have another wallpaper. like the stock wallpaper? and no calendar/weather/clock

    you can see where the blank Calendar app icon is.. surrounded by blanks

    i have blanknull installed so that the only icon that does anything is the Cal app
    How did you get the totally blank Calendar Icon? I can get the background invisible but the date still shows up...
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    found what i want hehe,excellent theme
    @above,use Nocalender from cydia,then use no undocked label theme..
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    Default Time & Date on the same line
    I cannot figure how to put the date and time on one line. Can someone show me how to do this. I have been messing with the wallpaper.html file with no success.


    I removed the time so all I have is date and weather. I would like to center the date but I am unable to figure out how to do this in the wallpaper.html file.

    Thanks in advance..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerro View Post
    Is it possible to vary the wallpapers based on weather conditions as well? Not only time, but weather would be great. E.g. Cloudy wallpaper when it's a cloudy/rainy day, bright sunrise on a sunny morning etc.

    I'm really interested in this aswell.
    Any solution or "how-to's" arround for the rather stupid ones like me?

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    I would think this is absolutely possible. I'm no js pro by any means, but I would think a routine or call or applet or whatever it is called could be added in to the wallpaper js which first reads the time of day, then reads the weather from the feed somehow. So for each time of day, you would have 4 or five sub pictures for the weather. i.e. afternoon- cloudy, afternoon - rain, night - clear...

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    Hmm .. anyone knows how?
    I really want that feature, but I'm no expert in terms of Javascript and such stuff.

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    Would be fantastic if anyone could help me out here!

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    I really want this theme but the gray dock is hiding the time/date/temperature!
    are there any windows alternatives to iPhoneBrowser? ive used that program *latest version* but it just wont run properly. =/

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    Check out DiskAid.

    Maybe someone can anweser me in return .
    I'm somewhat interested in this theme, but it really isn't half as good as it could be with Pictures for each Weather Status (Rain Day/Night/Evening, Fog, Snow and so on and so on).

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    I don't think DiskAid allows me to mess around with images and files like iPhoneBrowser. =/

    Eh, I'll google some stuff

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    I cannot get the lockscreen to work... What is supposed to happen when you set lockscreen = true?

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    is there a way to make it look like the attached picture?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -untitled.jpg  
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    i have the 5 day weather on by lockscreen, is there a way to remove the weather from springboard? thanks.

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    Extremly new to modding as well as Linux so if there's anyone willing to truley go through step-by-step instructions on this app, I'd really appreciate it. I've already Jailbroken it and have winterboard up and running. I downloaded this from the Rock app store but now I can't customize it... Tried SSH to the phone but don't see the directories everyone is refering too... Like i said, new to Linux cmd line so... yeah.

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    can you help me out? I followed your instructions to get the calendar away. Now how do I get my dock icons back? I'd like to keep them. How do I keep the time and date but take the weather away? After I've done all that how do I get the theme saved on my computer onto my iPhone. Do I have to use OpenSSH?

    Sorry about my noobness.

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    i would like to say, thx for this theme... i love it!

    but i mixed your theme with the iblack theme with my custom wallpaper...

    now i would like to relocated the calender to where the red box is! what do i have to do to make it work?

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    someone help me out. the 5-day lockscreen is great but the weather info is too far down. here's a pic:

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