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Thread: Blue i-link [preview]

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    Quote Originally Posted by subywrex View Post
    How many of you actually make themes out there that say negative thing? Every single idea is derived off someone else.. Do you all thing Reeco was the first one to come up with the one icon per page idea? do some research and look up touch smart theme that was put out a while ago.

    Instead of just making everything negative why not put some positive criticism in it.. I would have to agree with the theme looking a little generic. but dont bag on the guy for trying.

    As for kudo's or credit to reeco, i respect reeco his work is awesome.. but other than the concept of the theme nothing is reeco's work there for not warranting any credit. As someone else said just because he used the concept of iNav doesn't mean this is an iNav theme. how many themes are out there that are just icons and some different background.. should they be giving credit to the first person that thought of making a theme?

    get over yourself everyone.

    As for the theme. Keep on going man.. I think you should deff rethink some of the artwork and try to make it a little more personable and maybe not exactly the same format as iNav. But really keep up the good work, if you need any advice hit me up. [email protected]
    we made the touchsmart theme, that was our first one a couple months ago.

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    sucks , is just a bad , really bad copy of inav , so dont call it ur's by the way it sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulZero View Post
    sucks , is just a bad , really bad copy of inav , so dont call it ur's by the way it sucks
    the inav with clicks came out the day after we released this, and by the way, where are your themes?

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    im not usually the one, but I went to the website and it states that it doesnt want to be a copy of iNav, yet your saying that you released this before iNav?? I say that if you are going to make up a story at least make sure it checks out?? lmao this is almost as good as recco's drunk vid!! lmao

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    hey man i give props to anyone that comes out with a theme.. but i mean at the same time.. dont try and play us like we are fools. So from what i gather from your posts you expect us to beleive that you and reeco were making a theme that looks the same and functions the same (icon name on the left and big icon on the right) at the same time with out knowing it? come on man do we all look dumb? was trying to get your back for the effort and i do like the touchsmart theme, but come on

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    Default Thread...
    This theme could be in the iNav thread, or not?

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    Epic fail!

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    look, i put that on the website because i didnt want people to think we were just ripping off the inav theme, i updated the website after i posted on here, thats why it says we dont want to rip off inav, and our theme is still different because we use spring jumps to navigate through our theme, and does anyone know when the touchsmart theme came out??
    are you retarded, we released it months before inav was even conceived, but we havent had time to work on our themes.
    dont worry about it, we're dumping this theme and starting a whole new one so you can all go f*ck yourselves!!!!!!!!

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    Why would you use a Siemens phone for the "Phone" icon? Makes no sense

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