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Thread: [RELEASE] i'Elegance

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Done, still does not show it. It was working fine with 2.2.1, but with 3.0 it don't show anything. still lost, anyhow thanks for the help!

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    I am not sure about the memory and date for SBSettings, With Status notifier turned on you are not going to have room fot memory and date on your status bar. I am skinning both Notifier and Status Notifier for 1.7 so people have the choice of what they use...

    1.7 will be release to cydia as soon as the next winterboard update comes....I just want to make sure no mods need to be done to the keyboard or anything else to go with 3.0. I dont assume any changes will be made but I want to minimize the amount of "bug" emails I get

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    sweet i cant wait for the 1.7 release. and congrats on all the new status bar icons.

    im still good with no problems, although i have that "enter voicemail password" i dont wanna call AT&T again

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    Hi Bars,

    Can i request two more please?


    Thanks in advance
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    Hi again.
    As always, awesome work Bars. Can't wait for 1.7.

    I'm having a small issue though.

    From before (on OS 2.2), I'd resized all the icons I was using and put them into a separate "mod" theme folder above iElegance in winterboard. In addition to a few other customizations etc.
    I was using 5 rows/5 icon dock etc. Just kept everything neat and tidy.

    Problem is. On OS 3.0 it seems as though Winterboard won't load my resized icons.

    I've tried. Putting them in their own theme. Moving the order of themes. Replacing all original theme icons in the theme folder. Nothing. Won't load any.

    Wasn't sure if this is a Winterboard bug on 3.0. And/Or if it's something you could pass along to the appropriate people.

    Ok. Not sure what was happening, but, seems to be fine now.
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    some of the things on this app is not working.
    like keyboard and other few things.

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    Found a bug...or at least something wrong...

    Liveclock, when turned on, does not allow you to click the icon like others will...can't access that program without it being turned off in winterboard.

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    I've noticed the keyboard is not working as well and I believe the live weather icon doesn't work with 3.o update (or at least not for me).

    I was wondering if you could tell me where the file is that turns the text off for icons. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what is what with the new icons and would rather be able to disable the text via winterboard and not have it automatically disabled via the theme.


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    Ok guys, there are no bugs in the theme itself. The issue are the programs that are running these things mentioned. The reason I can say this with confidence is the theme that I created is 99% graphics only. Please check the last couple of pages before posting because most of the question have been answered already. I suggest that anyone who wants to contribute to these efforts to go send a donation to your favorite theme creators and to the people who make this themeing a possibility, the owner of modmyi, saurik( the owner of cydia) this helps to motivate each and all of us to work late night to prepare all of these things for the community....

    and hang in there because soon all will be updated for 3.0.

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    My missing icons:


    Some of these seem to bee too popular to not already have an icon; so I was wondering whether I just missed them when clicking through all 130+ pages. I'll try to upload the original icons if there really isn't already one.

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    I've got this theme for a while now. It is still my favourite theme. But when I use the calculator I see the decimal/komma button is a "strange" button. It is bigger then the other and deep black, when I press the button it works but it doesn't change colour like the other. So I thought it was my mistake because maybe I messed up this theme, and I've downloaded it again from your site. But then I saw the same strange button is in the package. Did you noticed it? And will this be updated too? I've read all the pages to see if somebody already noticed it! Sorry for my bad English!

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    stuff foot in mouth now.... LOL Indo has found the theme bug, I will do my best to fix it even though I have never seen the issue. I believe it is because your using a different language that is using a comma where our decimal point is. I will do my best to update it for you! Sorry guys I didnt mean to rant earlier, I was having a rough day at work! I will be asking everyone to give me some time on upcoming requests as I am in the lab making an iElegance PREMIUM
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    In all fairness to Bars, most of the issues right now are due to 3.0 and Winterboard.

    3.0 is different with respect to some of the images (like the keyboard for example) and Winterboard is just buggy and not completely compatible yet.

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    I thought this was funny

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    Hey Bars, if I already donated, will I still have to pay again for the iElegance Premium theme your working on? I basically already know I'm going to want it .

    And I can't say it enough, thanks for the great theme!

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    the people who donate(d) will be my beta testers

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    Default OS 3.0 updates
    I just upgraded to 3.0 and some of the items do not work, any chance you might be doing an upgrade for 3.0 ... the thing I miss most is the keyboard.

    Forget what I said, should have gone through the 138 pages before this one...
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    ... for tha 10876 time its not tha theme its winterboard...
    If I helped you in any way slap that thanks button

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxfr0stbytexx View Post
    ... for tha 10876 time its not tha theme its winterboard...

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    I re JB my phone and now everything is ok.
    So I believe too is the compatibility of the FW 3.0 with winterboard that is not 100%.

    in fact even other program (that I got from applestore) sometimes they just switch off.............bohhhhhh

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