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Thread: [Release] iNav Final Version

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    Five icon dock for the date (icon)

    greetings from munich

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatjello View Post
    doesnt the background hurt your eyes? i couldnt stare at that for more than 5 seconds lol

    you're performance isn't really that low. you hit clean and took a screenshot right after.
    you can tell because MobilePhone isn't running. Whenever you hit clean, mobilephone is terminated, but immediatly when you click refersh. it comes back. and it takes about 10mb and your springboard will go back up a bit too..

    i don't like it when people try to trick us :[
    I have no intention to TRICK people, I have no idea that it does that and you are correct on the refresh button. What's the point in tricking people, what do I actually gain by tricking people, this is a community where people helps fellow iphone fan, no tricking needed. Don't jump to the conclusion buddy, you don't know me.

    Perhaps, we gotta factor in CPU usage as well and not just RAM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brick James View Post
    Originally Posted by wase4711 View Post
    Wow, that theme by RealNoi is stunning...Can I ask where you got that from?

    thanks so much!

    Remember..... I tweeked it a bit

    Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
    Do you remember where you got the theme from initially? I am looking for the PSD hopefully, to mode it for my needs a little.

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    Wanted to thank everyone on this forum for their help. I loaded a few different mods of iNAV and everyone that sees my iphone wants to have their phone modded. If you start from the begginning of this forum post, you can see reeco's creation morph into some pretty good themes and some Great themes. I've noticed Reeco hasn't posted here in a few days and was looking forward to his final release. I really enjoy seeing so much creativity come together so quickly. I own a Printing Co. and I could only wish my graphic artists would collaborate more like this bunch. Kudos and congrats to everyone's hard work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatjello View Post

    there are invisible spring jump icons in the bottom right to go to page 0, and bottom left to go to page 7
    Sorry i havent posted in a while.
    I got a lot of PM's asking for my tweaks and mods, i've sent them to many of you. I just thought i'd post my progress on all my mods, and the RAM saving i've done.

    feel free to request or ask anything.
    Thank you for that mod eatjello it's really nice, do you think you could give me your PSD cause I have a iPod Touch and would like to make some changes! At the same time could you tell me the tweaks you did to minimize the memory lost !!

    Thank you!

    PS: Were did you get the memory tool??

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    memory tool is on cydia

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    Quote Originally Posted by wase4711 View Post
    Thanks to M-klass fir the sweet blue milk!
    one little problem; my icons dont line up with the indicator on top; I am only using 10 blank webclips; do I need to add more blank ones to get them to line up properly?
    I think I saw a post about this a few pages you grab blanks from cydia, and how should the rows be laid out?

    Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun!

    Hi there mate,

    You will need five column spring board and 12 blank icons. You will also need for the dock,

    Calendar then 3 blank icons then the settings icon.

    Hope this helps...

    Quote Originally Posted by lostinthe619 View Post
    Alright bro, pardon the newb. All is golden up to the point where I get into the iNavMILK directory. After that I've got nada. No widgets or configs folder. Is there something I'm missing from Cydia that needs to be installed?

    Which version of iNav are you using as the original from Recco doesn't utilize widgets on the home screen...
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    does anyone have the "apps" icon, from the "Death Note" theme?
    for some reason, its missing on my phone..

    thanks to everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonFolse View Post

    Nice one for that bro, Re-uploaded the full version...I have no idea why only half was uploaded sorry bout that..

    new upload

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire


    can you look in the picture, I can't find the day number on the bottom left and my icons is out of order... which line am i suppose to put the icon? cuz everytime i put it, its not align... and the icon isn't opening the correct stuff... I have been having this problem since i got iNavMilk

    EDIT: It opens the right stuff but the wallpaper is like messed up

    Hi there,

    You will neeed to have five column springboard and 5 icon dock both available from cydia. this will help with the alignment of the icons. Read my above post

    If you could send me a screen shot of the problem so I may assist you further?


    Think I might work on a new version tonight.... I dark version with more blue in it....or maybe yellow or red... I'll have a play around later on when I get in work an see how it looks. I'l post up some screenies when I get started
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    m-klass pls upload psd of the wallpaper want to change one think

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    Quote Originally Posted by outsiderr View Post
    here is my mod of the iNavMILK theme
    credits go to the creators of the theme and the widgets
    hey u mind my asking where you got that calendar/weather widget..i like that one and the icons for the weather...where can i find it?

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    What's Jailbreak? lostinthe619's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by m-klass View Post
    Which version of iNav are you using as the original from Recco doesn't utilize widgets on the home screen...
    Yeah, using the original one. Where can I find the updated one and the one on the first page appears to be the same one that I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuCiFeRkO View Post
    Here's my latest modification of iNavMILK... i call it LightBlue....

    can u share PSD file ? THnks so much

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    here are some icons i made using images i found off the net. just thought id share. just think if they never made the iphone we wouldnt be wasting so much of our free time lol.

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    I like the Email and Safari icons any chance of sharing


    I am almost there with this can anyone help me with the following the day and date I would like it
    to be more central how do I do this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablobait View Post
    m-klass pls upload psd of the wallpaper want to change one think
    I can upload the .psd however I dont think you will be able to edit the names list, I had to chop the whole bar off another theme and didnt enter no text.

    Let me know if you want me to upload it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekidd View Post
    Added a clock and weather widget to my inavmilk theme. Also, can anyone make me a version of my background with a white part where the original clock is? just so the original clock isn't visible. i tried changing the status bar to white but it wont change. I also changed the color of the time in the status bar by editing the info.plist but its still noticeable due to the BG being a little grayish

    can you share your weather & clock widget?

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    New darker wallpaper...I dont really like it to much I think iNavMilk is best left white for now. The icons that are used in iNavMilk drop a shadow giving it a nice look however when dropped on to a dark background the shadow cannot be seen and in my opinion degrades the quality to the theme.

    Have a look for your self....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sitino View Post

    can i get that wallpaper of the last one with the girl, really like that wallpaper with the iNav i have set up on my iphone thanks man really appreciate it if you could
    here you go...
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