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Thread: [Release] iNav Final Version

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    Quote Originally Posted by donners4 View Post
    Yeah, I've tried it that way. Except I don't know where the Icon will lie on the Springboard, because there is no 'square' that you can line up to the Springboard grid. Do you get what I mean?
    Open one of the icon including in the orignal INavMilk, put it into a new file with the wallpaper metioned above. I think now you should have everything lined up already, try to follow it. Should be ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neutrino View Post
    can someone pls explain how to change my sbsettings theme to iNav milk? mine still the default one..

    Quote Originally Posted by jsharpe View Post
    where did you guys get the iNav Milk SBSettings Theme?
    Quote Originally Posted by Neutrino View Post
    ok, i found the folder, but i dont have the theme, can u share the iNav Milk sbsetting theme pls?
    Its just the sbsettings from the standard "MILK" theme.
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    Default inav spanish
    hello my tema spanish jejejej
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    Quote Originally Posted by aderion View Post
    OK...i found the source of this beautiful theme.
    here you go .
    the theme name is " MILK"
    SOURCE: MacThemes Forum / [Theme] iNavMILK

    the source of the theme is NOT macthemes, it's
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    Can anybody tell me how I can get 2 icons on the 1 page. I tried shrinking the originals except it ended up like the photo I attatched. Those 2 icons are next to each other without a blank separating.

    Do I just have to shrink it more?

    And also. Lockscreen Problems.

    1. How to get date in English. The current LockBackground.html has the array in French. How do I get it back to English
    2. How to get rid of the standard Clock on the LockScreen?

    Thanks in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by HarlemState View Post
    Click wiget/configs/ then rick click "Weather-Config.js" click edit, scroll all the way down till you see....................Two methodes to set up your location depending on the source:
    accuWeather: 'New York, NY' (e.g. 'Karlsruhe, Germany')
    yahooWeather: '10025' or 'location code' (e.g. Uk Dumbarton = UKXX0663 ) */

    var locale = "New York, NY" just edit where it says (New York, NY) and (10025.............and the apps under weather and cal. are just blank icons with labels, there in the zip.....make sure you only have "No Docked Icon Labels" on the top and checked off.........and make sure you have "no Undocked Icon Labels" unchecked....oh and i also have orange font color under "no Docked Icon Lables" in winterboard....
    Thanks for your help, that worked!

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    cheers reeco.
    i just installed your theme. its going to take some getting used to, but im pretty sure i like it thanks mate.

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    i installed all the webclips and i have about 5 pages of blanks how am i supposed to out those pics that are icons in order with the webclips i cant put them how they say in the read me file because they are icons and they move the blank ones. IM SO CONFUSED

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    Okay so 108 pages are quite a few to go through so i am going to ask my question here to at least get pointed in the right direction...
    I have been modifying my iphone for a while using custom winter board designs i.e. my own custom text, slider, lockscreen, sms bubbles (family guy), Spinner (stewie), dim icons, Realized icons, vwallpaper, custom status bar icons, Battery theme, etc....So basically the question is i have things the way i want it but i love the iNav layout...
    1)Is there a way to use all these custom things i have with iNav?
    2)I understand how to install iNav but will it keep all of my other changes?
    3)Do i have to turn off all of my other customizations and then move them in to the iNav folder?
    4)Would vwallpaper work with this layout?

    I apologize if this has been covered but again this thread is 108 pages long....i thoroughly appreciate any help to understanding this design.

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    here my iNavMilk with some lightblue parts ... hope u like it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuCiFeRkO View Post
    here my iNavMilk with some lightblue parts ... hope u like it...

    Hi, i was searching around for that wallpaper psd file but i cant find it. Can you give a hand?
    The real trouble is the the wallpaper font, anyone knows it?

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    The font is Continuum Medium.
    Don't take life so one comes out alive anyways.

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    I love the concept of this theme! but adding all of those blank app and everything just slows the springboard home screen down so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linh978 View Post
    I love the concept of this theme! but adding all of those blank app and everything just slows the springboard home screen down so much!
    Yepper, the cost of a custom looks but tolerable, oh how i miss the stock iphone but boring as late night infomercial.

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    vive la france!!!!

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    Default iNAV Milk-shake
    Here is my adaptation... dubbed "Milk-shake"

    1st one I've done is Strawberry. LOL
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    Hey, I have a question? If I want to install some of the remixes people have of the inav, I need to install the original first? And if I do, what are the next steps I have to do. PLEASE HELP!?!!
    No link... Thanks

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    first install the original, and then you can install the remixes, by downloading them to your phone, either via FTP, or SSh..

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    ****, get the weather information is not displayed in germany. I can do whatever I want it does not. The data should be but in germany (rain, snow, thunderstorms), etc.

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    I saw someone asked the exact same questions I'm about to ask in the previous page, but no one answered it so...

    iNav Milk:
    1. How do I change the date on the lockscreen to english?
    2. How do I remove the default time and date text that comes with the iPhone? I would rather use the one with iNav Milk
    3. Also, where are the status bars located for the iNav Milk theme? I'm trying to remove one of them (the one that appears when you open up an app) because I can barely see any of the stuff on it since its black on black. Is there a way to fix this or should I just remove it?
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