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Thread: [Release] iNav Final Version

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    oh goodness.. im gonna have to look through the pages to find it :P ugh

    here it is... • View topic - Theme iNav มีให้เลื*กหลายแบ (Page, 1,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,18) - Hacked by Wiroj
    its like at the very bottem
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    The Wallpaper from the "Enjoy iPhone" theme found in 'Summerboard Optimized' downloads section makes for a really great lockscreen background & folder backgrounds with the iNavRemix theme

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    well congrats to Reeco on this theme it's now a 100 pages and going strong I think it's the only theme thats attracting so much attention great job Dude outstanding work keep it up

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    what am i forgetting if the time/date doesn't show up on the top right? Could it possibly be because i use the new feature of winterboard for different wallpapers per page (Page0.png, Page1.png etc..)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HarlemState View Post
    the apps under the cal, are just blank icons with lables....a page or two back i posted a blank icon DL....just replace any app you want under the cal with the blank image...

    If you go under MySMS settings they have a feature where you can disable the defult sms, so that when you hit the defult sms...mysms will pop up

    Cydia has an app called springjumps just set your jumps and replace your jump icons with blank ones

    and the font i have is called (WalkWay) you need font swap from cydia + "font mega pack" for font swap, megapack is a source you need to add on cydia , first you need to go register at 2 ones are soppose to be two "Ls" they wont let me write the site in...anyways..... once signed up wit your "user name and password" Then you type the source in it is

    dont type "username-password" for the need your username and pass. from that site you registered for me it looks like

    Great revision of the iNAV app...I would like to use it as my default theme. I've downloading the font packages and colors and everything looks great except my media and photo icons are lining up correctly. Any suggestions or have you made any updates?

    I've also gotta figure out how to make my status bar look and functions normally. and do some cleaning up with labels.
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    does any one know how to change the city in weather widget for inav remix?

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    here you go.... just painted the arrows orange,
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    Quote Originally Posted by LastSonOfKrypton View Post
    The Wallpaper from the "Enjoy iPhone" theme found in 'Summerboard Optimized' downloads section makes for a really great lockscreen background & folder backgrounds with the iNavRemix theme

    Can you link that picture please. I can find that theme in cydia. Thanks

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    Here is where my variant of the Montimedia iNav is at. I am using the Spring Jump mod so all of my icons are surrounded by SpringJumps to the page you are already on. So no more Web Clips for me. There are only 4 categories on the left because I wanted the text to actually do something, and the most you can get is 5 rows. (You could maybe do 6 if you wanted to use the Dock spot as well.

    Anyway, here is what I have:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -photo.jpg   -photo-2-.jpg   -photo-3-.jpg   -photo-4-.jpg   -photo-5-.jpg  

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    I'm losing my mind here, so I installed a few variations of the Inav theme, I absolutly love it, but NONE of them line up right. I have the blank webclips in order (10 before every actual icon/app) and they are in the same order as the side menu of the wallpaper, but the little arrows dont line up, its as if They're one item too high.

    IE :Apps has a arrow over games, Games has a arrow over photo, Photo has an arrow overmedia and so on. I can't seem to fix it, wat gives ?!?!

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    Here's my 4th version of iNav mod...

    - Remove widgets (seems like its consume lots of battery)
    - Wallpaper.psd for your personal mod is included (sidebar icons, text, statusbar and wallpapers are available)

    It's not the best but it might be fit for those who like clean version and useful icons on the dock.

    Personally I'm not satisfy with this version yet as it is too clean for me > <...... Any suggestion?

    Anyway here's preview and download link.


    For those who's looking for my previous version, you can download them from here deoneo on deviantART

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    Ok, I figured it out after tinkering for a while. The theme doesn't work with "five rows". I went into cydia and managed my packages. Removed five rows and BOOMSKI. It works great now

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    Quote Originally Posted by franklinromeo View Post
    With springjumps how can i align it with the side if I can only egt four apps on the side?
    I just put the ones that don't fit to the side of the name. You can hit the far edge of the word and it still jumps. So for Mail and Safari, I have 2 jumps to the right of them and they work fine when I hit the 'l' or 'i' of the name.

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    Hello, who can help? Which file should I change, see Pic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uglyboygq View Post
    I don't mind sharing. I'm all about it. I just couldn't at the time, you little impatient mofos! Ha Ha...jk about the mofos.

    First, I do not claim any graphic designs in my version, nor do I call it own "My iNav Mod". I just simply took icons and other images here and there and added it to Deoneo's Mod and of course it was all inspired by Reeco's iNav Beta.

    Second, it is not complete where I want it to be, but I'll share what I have. All you have to do is place your icons with the webclip blanks as needed before you check it in Winterboard.

    Third, I am slow at replying and helping with tweeks to make it your own. Such as helping with the Widgets. Sorry.

    Fourth, I replaced the "Photos" icon with another one, because the ones on my screen shot are pics of family. The replacement looks just as good, if not better. : )

    Here's the link....iNav Remix
    thank you very much for your work and for sharing it with us.
    for me it went all great but problem could not solve it
    the colock.png did not chang i still get the small icon for the live clcok

    please help

    Quote Originally Posted by LuCiFeRkO View Post
    wow .. wow. what a beauty.!?!
    please share it .

    nice work
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuCiFeRkO View Post
    WERY nice!
    Can you share your apps icon? Ty!

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    Thes Icons are asolutely the Best Icons so far for the Theme !
    Please share these Icons with us - so great !!!

    OR better share the complete Theme. It looks so good - cant believe it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tellytel View Post
    Can you link that picture please. I can find that theme in cydia. Thanks
    Can you read the post? It tells you exactly where I got it.

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