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Thread: [RELEASE] iNinja (not a theme on ninja's)

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    Here it is. Everything that was blue is now red. I think it looks pretty good but may use a carbon style wallpaper or something darker.
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    hmmm i have no idea why this is.. but the cydia icon is smaller than the rest of the icons..lool

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    Great theme!!! Is there a way I can change the slide to unlock back to the standard one.

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    you would just need to delete some pngs out of the telephonyui folder in iNinja theme.

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    BottomBarKnobGrey.png is the image for the actual slider

    Oh and sorry for not keeping up here. I'm hella sick right now. I'm hoping to be back up and going tomorrow
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    Yeah, definitely like the red icons better with a carbon background. Also resized the cydia icon just didn't take a screenshot of it.
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    Red looks hot with carbon.

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    uh oh you can change colors ... suby what about a HOT orange? not a dark orange but a orange that pops like that blue

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    bobbylx created the red version....not suby.
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    bobbylx can u pleazzzzzeee upload ur red version for me..i love the blue,but to be able to switch it up from time to time is awsome.....

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    As long as Suby and Cricket don't mind, I would be more than happy to upload my red version. Anyone know where I can upload this?

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    ummm i would like to preview it before you upload.. because i was using some stock images (ie the blue icons in all the programs) i did not include them in the theme, there for they would not be red in your theme (unless of course you got them and hued them yourself)

    I have no problem letting people help out (sure saves me the time in doing it myself.. Also i would like to come up with a better fitting background mmostlikely..

    bobby shoot me an email brother and lets talk [email protected]

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    hey guys, i need some help with a keyboard. im trying to take the packed images and put them in uiimages, but im having trouble with how the names work. which one of u guys did the keyboard for this theme?

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    Yeah I definitely think this theme needs a new/different wallpaper...something more unique. I love the one now for the lockscreen (of the ninja and the standard blue one) but I dont know if its quite the best for the wallpaper...just think it needs more to it...

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    I'm letting Suby check out the red before posting it here, just to make sure it's complete. Also thought I would post a screenshot of the green version.
    Also going to find better wallpapers for red and green.
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    Woooo for the green version! This exactly what I was hoping for (I was just about to request one when I saw your post). I've been following this thread for about 2 weeks, but I just ordered this skin cover for my iphone the day before I found the ininja theme. This would make my week

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    Awesome job, guys. Just saw this and it looks really well done!
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    that is a wicked background.. might have to use that for the red one too

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    oh btw suby and cricket I was so excited to see the green version screenshot, I forgot to mention how stoked I was to find this theme in the first place. I was considering not using that cover I had just ordered cuz it would clash with the blue...but with some help from bobby looks like I'll have the best of both worlds.

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    loldude that wallpaper is f ing sick check it

    this just makes me smile how good it looks on my phone

    i will make a green version of the theme to match the green in that wall paper.. your phone will be ill man when you get that skin
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