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Thread: [Preview] TouchHD By Kevin Kreusche

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    That looks pretty sexxy. Cant wait until a final release.

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    is it just me or has this theme been done before and posted here? that lock screen...........

    I dont know, but being a designer myself I get tired of seeing people take from others designs without giving credit to them. Iphone skinning is getting to be just like php, nuke, mambo and other CMS skinning on the web. People are using the same thing over and over again until you cant remember who the original creator was. Then there are the people like that idiot that just released a few blank apps on cydia but gave them a "cool" name trying to act like he came up with something "new".

    Back to "your theme" though. The images are all screwed up man. You didnt take much time at all on the wallpaper, it looks like crap. The icons are taken from other themes, you didnt make them and you didnt give credit to the original creator. The lock screen is not yours either. You rushed this out and 90% of it isnt even your work to start with. wtf, you post a preview at 12:30 and then turn around and change it to a release inside of 2 hours? I'm sorry, you get an F
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    Angry What ????
    Sorry iam german but i have made this theme but the lockscreen isnt by me ... And the icons are from the htc touc hd phone !!!!!!!!!!
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    This theme is a fraud.
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    wow very nice!!!

    did you submitt it to cydia?

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    this would be cool but needs some work. the lockscreen is great but the icons are messing up the wallpaper and it looks sloppy. is it completed?

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    its not un cydia ... :-( and iths the version 1.0 i work every free minute at the 2.0 version

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    Just me or has this been done before?

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    Is it me now.

    I've only made this theme, because I am sitting on it since thursday and wanted to have a preview on thursday Upload unfortunately I do not shop and I've uploaded on friday and since I do every free minute working on it since I did the same tag 1.0er the published version, this version is unfortunately not yet finished and it was improving from time to time

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    the images arent very sharp quality at all. its like you saved as jpeg on medium quality and somehow the jpeg dither wasnt saved with it.

    on the other hand, nice computer lol (in your sig)

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    Man this is cool and lots of people are looking for this theme but you must do the best and refine it and it is true that it looks very simple. Try to make as HTC Hero with more stuff in it and you will be the star.
    Good luck

    I mean not HTC Hero but Real Touch HD.
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    Its a good start...

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