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Thread: Best EVER LockScreen Weather Yet!!

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    You have to set the refresh rate, on my iPhone it's set to refresh every 1 min. I don't know if it drains the battery but who cares it's friggen awesome.

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    This is a AWESOME lock screen, but I have done extensive testing, and if I enable this weather lockscreen in Winterboard, my phone reboots often, and requiresme to respring. Any thoughts?

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    Laggy on iPod touch 2g but worth it.

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    Bignightrain-where did you get the file from to download it? I found it tonight, SSHd it into my phone, changed the zip code, but it never loads. On the lockscreen I just get a blackish background with what looks like it wants to be clouds, and a little timer below the slider. Maybe I have a bad file? That's why I am curious where you got yours, can you provide me the link?

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    Katras weather v3 is much better.

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    Mindgem-I just downloaded Katras weather. It added 2 new tabs to my winterboard, I checked them both and moved them to the top and then did a respring. Now on my lockscreen it is black and says "na"in the middle, with a loading wheel at the bottom. Did you get that? How do I set it to my weather and what am i supposed to see on the screen? What does this theme add, what am I looking for?

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    Rexrw you have to look in the info plist and Chang the refresh rate and set the zip code for your city.
    If I can get help uploading files to the 4shared site I would post it for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bignighttrain View Post
    Weather Element v3 has been out and I got it working on my iPhone 4
    Can you please tell me the steps you did? I have it on my iPhone 4 running 4.0.1 and it works BUT it crashes sometimes and when i press the home button it takes a while to load and all. It is laggy and I am making sure I am doing everything right. Please let me know, I would LOVE to get this to work!

    Thank you in advance!


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    Im trying to learn HTML to make my own widgets.

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    Who has the vringtone link for wocka flocka flame (hard in the paint)? Please let me know. Thanks a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindGem View Post
    Katras weather v3 is much better.

    Can you link to it? I cant find it. :/

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    Why cant I get the location o change? Ive edited the .js but it still says den haag!!

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    doesnt show up for me, just loads can anyone help me?

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    which font or mod you use for the cl0ck? (example image)

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    Hey just want to start by saying this lockscreen is amazing. It is the reason I decided to finally jailbreak my phone. I'm having an issue now where the "real feel" temp no longer shows up. When I go to file:///Library/Themes/Weather%20Elements.theme/db.html
    the option to select real feel isn't available. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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    Someone can help me for the code? i live in Cagliari, Italy...can someone edit the config .js for me and post it?

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    That lockscreen is nice and all but don't call it HD because it is misleading. Okay?

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    Mine always says colorado springs even though nothing about colorado is in there........

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    Can anyone help me out? I've installed the theme correctly, have it set at the top of winterboard and have it enabled. But whenever I look at my lockscreen all it has is the slider bar and a spinning wheel underneath it. Here is my config:

    // Zipcity :
    // GOTO: and type your city after the =
    // you see this for example :
    // <location city="Den Haag" state="Netherlands(Zuid-Holland)" postal="EUR|NL|NL012|DEN HAAG|" />
    // <location city="Den Haag" state="South Africa(Eastern Cape)" postal="AFR|ZA|SF002|DEN HAAG|" />
    // Find the right code(postal="??????") for your city and enter it below : i.e ZipCity="EUR|NL|NL012|DEN HAAG|"
    // The code can also be a number!!! ie : ZipCity="90631"

    var ZipCity="US|CA|93662|SELMA|" //see instructions above

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    How do i get the Best EVER LockScreen Weather Yet!!

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