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Thread: The Leaf Icon Factory

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    Hey guys!

    Longtime Leaf theme user, and I must commend each and every one of the contributors for the wonderful job; keeping up with the AppStore requests is no small feat.

    I have a few requests to make myself; can anyone make an icon for 21 PRO: Blackjack, Solitaire City, and Virus?

    Also, I tried making a few icons myself, and the problem I seemed to encounter is that despite using the fonts provided in the SDK Leaf package (from the Leaf Icon Factory website), my text doesn't look anything like the ones on the icons here. Here's what the text looks like.

    Can someone insert the word Installer on this template?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Fonts
    Hi Sribes:

    Have you tried putting the .otf files into: C:/WINDOWS/Fonts ?
    After you've done that, press update when you open the template. (if there is a dialog)

    Hope that helps!

    Here it is anyway:
    Plus some more:
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    Hey Gorden,

    Thanks for the help! It works!

    Solitaire City.


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    Black Jack Pro, Facebook, Pennies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jillian81 View Post

    Can any1 ket me noe where can i get da cute ladybug volume knob?
    I released a similar one a few pages back. Also, where do you get the Leaf lock on the status bar and the 'dock' type thing around the slider with all of the leaves on it?

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    Need help ...
    looking for Icons:

    Monkey Ball
    Billy Frontier
    Big Bang Board Games
    Translater english/german

    could anybody show me, where i found them ?
    Sorry my english ist noch Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by predator13 View Post
    If you donīt have WiFi then iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.7 + WinSCP 4.1.6 is the perfect choice for you
    All you need is the Suite. It has Winscp in it. When you first run it you can X out the First Launch pop up and the Suite will open up.


    If you don't want to do this every time then when the First Launch pops up...navigate to your iPhone settings(Settings...General...About) and enter the wifi address of your phone into the Suite settings even if you do not have wifi. Then just make sure that Use Tunnel is selected in the middle of the screen.

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    Which Suite ? Where can i download the Suite ?

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    Few icon from me
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    Hi there: I had to restored my iPhone 2G yesterday and I was trying to install the Retro Phone Dialler that I used to have but I couldnt find it on Cydia.
    Does anyone could help me? Thanks in advance

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    Please help !

    Looking for Icons:

    Billy Frontier
    Translater Hungarian/english
    Heart Monitor

    Big THX.

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    My first try ...
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    CaptainChaos speaks about a Suite !
    Can anyone tell me, what Suit it is and give me a Link to download ?

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    Just came across this theme, pretty tight.

    Made an icon for RulerPhone :

    brain tuner and iBowl as well :

    @san2000, i made 3 of those for you:

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    Thumbs up Nice Icons From Barcelona
    Nice Icons

    From Barcelona, Spain to the Iphone World!!!!!!
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    webgeda (2008-10-12)

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    Quote Originally Posted by san2000 View Post

    Please help !

    Looking for Icons:

    Billy Frontier
    Translater Hungarian/english
    Heart Monitor

    Big THX.

    Found :
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    Does anyone know the proper file names for "SuperPong2", "Toy Bot Diaries", "de Blob", and "Tap Tap Revolution"? Also, can I request icons for "puzzloop", "star trigon", and "surface to air mayhem". Thank you in advance!

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    RjDj Album
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