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Thread: [PREVIEW] Fully Skinned Theme

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    Soon soon. We may be waiting til tomorrow but it's well worth it. It's seriously perfection. Were theming EVERYTHING. So just hang tight guys. It's gonna be here soon

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    I think it looks fantastic. Let us know when it comes out and I will happy to download it.

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    Alright sorry I was gone. New Orleans had 4 towersout this weekend and I could barely get a text message out much less an I ternst connection.

    Key board looks sick! Thanks for addressing my request on the keyboard for input of the contact In texting!

    I gotta say I was getting really excited as I was readi g with all the talk about release dates. But it was not to be.
    Oh well. Whats a day or two? Like they say you can't rush greatness!

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    The theme was released on time. Search for iNinja. That's what we called it. Download link is there

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    Oh wicked!!! Going get it right now!!

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    Please leave feedback once you get it there. Were looking for it

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    Edit: Crap I don't see it! What sourceis it under?

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    It's not in cydia quite yet man. Almost. Search mmi for "ininja" it's the first result

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    Oh got ya. I'll have to do it tomorrow then. But don't worry. I'll send ya tons of feedback!

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    Thanks. We need it

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    No problem cricket!

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    congrats on the release of your theme, I been keepin tabs on it. I'll be sure to hit you up with some feedback on d/l'ed

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    Not too fond of the font. Never liked font mods. But the rest is pretty slick.

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    Default possible bug
    only thing i found so far is when under sections on cydia because the folder icon is white u cant see how many items there are for each category unless u press the categry and hold it

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    Put feedback in the ininja thread please. Noted the bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketlang View Post
    It's not in cydia quite yet man. Almost. Search mmi for "ininja" it's the first result
    Nothing seems to be showing up when I search?

    ---nevermind, found it. using the sitewide search instead of the forum search---
    Last edited by Bleh5; 2009-02-26 at 05:28 PM.

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