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Thread: SMS Balloon Collection

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    thanks badboybill
    is it possible to change the background of the sms like a different color of maybe a nice pic???

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents on the subject. I know in a lot of the screenshots shown that only the senders bubbles changed color and not the receiving bubbles and it was also stated in the download that it was not tested. I just wanted to let everyone know that I tested it myself and have found out that balloon_1.png is for the text bubbles you send and balloon_2.png is for the text bubbles you receive.

    When I can figure out how to put up a screenshot of my iPhone screen I will show everyone what I've got.

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    Love the bubbles man. U wouldn't happen to want to make a lighter orange like Tennessee orange would u. Just that orange one reminds me of my grandmothers furniture. Thanks a lot!

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    i got my balloon_1.png to work, but all the time i put in a balloon_2.png it still stays gray...but there's even screenshots on flickr where they got both colors to change...any help?
    edit- is there any way to get a darker green?

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    can u give quick guide how to install bubbles? thanks!

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    how very nice of you to help. ill figure it out myself.

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    can anyone make the calvin and hobbes sms bubbles but with these glossy bubbles plz? TIA

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    couldnt find the link to the mickey & minnie mouse sms balloons.. does anyone have an idea where i can get those? thanks!

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    i downloaded the sms bubbles but im lost on how you make it work...

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    hello there is any way you can upload to the customize apliccation??? im too noob to add it using cuteftp plz.. thanks :d

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    its in customize already.. just search for it in all themes!
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Thank you! I accidentally changed my SMS theme in Customize, then uninstalled Customize and was stuck with it. These gave me the bubbles back, and they look great!

    Again, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamsillo View Post
    hello there is any way you can upload to the customize apliccation??? im too noob to add it using cuteftp plz.. thanks :d
    I uploaded these to Customize awhile back, just look under file sets and chat1

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    Badboybill - I have been looking for this all over - can you please give me instructions on how to load this into my iphone. I downloaded the file into my desktop but now what????

    Thank you so much.

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    anybody change the receiving txt?

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    to change the receiving text you just rename the file and add a 2 at the end. i loooooove this, i use blue and green

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