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Thread: New Theme: Mario Party

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    Excellant Work Badboybill!!!! Keep Getting Up

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    AWESOME bro CAn u plz Provide a link i want this kinda MArio theme LUking awesome .,...make all in a rar file and upload it bro,,,


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    good ar i like it

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    can anyone point to like some tutorials or something on how to go about putting stuff like the signal bars, dialer etc on the phone, obviously i can just put the summerboard theme in the folder and do that part, but i looked through the wiki section and nothing really there was like a walkthrough on how to do this stuff. There's alot of different programs that do similar stuff, noobs like me kinda get lost lol, any direction, greatly appreciated

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    Just install Customize. Look at the backup files through IphoneBrowser, or whatever you people use on a Mac, and then rename your new files to match those. Then upload the new files.


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    Default does any body no how to download this theam
    Quote Originally Posted by badboybill View Post
    Hey everyone, I was making this theme for myself and should be done soon, the springboard is completely done, and will be working more on it over the next day, if anyone is interested I will post it up when I'm done. Not sure who all likes mario stuff, it's mainly for myself. I just wanted to try out a colorful theme, instead of the usual darkish themes.

    can some body help me indatling this them to my pc

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    Can I ask why was this Thread reported to the Staff by a member named uniq69

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    Anyone have an issue where the wallpaper is misaligned with the dock?

    Edit: Oh yeah, I can't seem to get the keypad thing to work either? I installed everything into the proper directories? Unless I did something wrong...

    Edit: OMGSH, I'm so dumb, how did I miss those previous posts?! sigh. But my question about the wallpaper still stands.
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    this has crashed my iphone 3 times now my iphone has black and white lines going up and down .. i cant reset or restore any idea what to do?
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    Default LoL!
    Wow, I love it! You even made an awesome keypad - If you put it up for download I would totally use that. I love Mario Party. : )

    You did a great job on this theme.


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    Default thx so much, u did a great job
    thank you so much, i love mario

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewokmywewok View Post
    this has crashed my iphone 3 times now my iphone has black and white lines going up and down .. i cant reset or restore any idea what to do?

    yea same thing happned to me when i attempted to install it.

    but 1 of my friends luckily was able to fix it. dont know how..but i lost everything though

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    I doubt a Summerboard theme caused your phone to crash. Seems a bit strange. I'm sure it was Summerboard and not the theme.


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    This theme motivated me to learn how to install themes/icons. I have pretty much got everything working but two items. I can not find where the 'bardailer_sel.png' file goes. I looked under the directory but do not see it there. I also got the wallpaper to work but do not know where the background file goes. I am accessing the iPhone using winscp. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hats off to all who have contributed to the Mario Theme!!!!

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    Very nicely put together. It is a very complete theme. I love it!

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    Thanks a lot. I love the theme.

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    man this sucks =... i cant get these white/black lines off. i tried iphonebrower and everything else i think the iphone is perm crashed

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    Smile help addin themes logos and dialpads
    i wish i knew how 2 install these to my phone it would be great ne1 please message me private and tell me id appreciate it alot i love it

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    Mario Party - Customize & summerboard Compatible



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