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Thread: Jack Skellington Theme

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    Default Jack Skellington Theme
    So...I started on a Jack Skellington theme, all I've gotten done so far is the home screen, but I'm starting on skinning the apps tonight as well. Here's a screenshot of what I have so far...

    In the thirteenth position, the space between the clock and phone icons, is the launcher app, which has the background as the icon...I don't like the cluttered look lol, so I decided to keep everything I install just on the Launcher menu, and since SMS is down on the dock I put Installer in the first position instead...what do you think so far?

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    Nice idea, but the dock doesn't match the theme. You should make the background continue onto the dock area.
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    yo, my girl luvs this theme, jackskelington is her favorite, were can i get your theme...??

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    its not done yet sillys did you not read..... and ya the dock should be changed it would look alot more clean

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    What font did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoGreg View Post
    What font did you use?
    it's a font called "Burton's Nightmare"

    i forget where i found it...i think i just did a google search on nightmare before christmas fonts and it came up ^_^

    and, just so you guys know, i am still working on this lol. i don't have much time over the weekends, most of my modding/skinning is done on my breaks at work. i'll post more as i get more done, and eventually release the .ipb file so it will be easy to install

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    so when will this be done im a huge fan i cant wait !!!!!

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    Red face Jack!
    Yes, Id love to have this once its done. Although Im having a bear of a time trying to modfor OSX

    Anyother gothy themes in the works?


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    here's the theme so far...i only have the main screen done, i'm going to post it in the downloads soon. i'm using summerboard to show the background now(i was using the method described in the tutorial), and i didn't think about the calendar showing the date, so i just made the icon clear. it doesn't look that good, but then again i like it a lot.

    in the download there will be an icon replacement for the sixteen stock icons, as well as the installer icon replacement, and of course i can make other ones for other programs if you want. personally, i like the way it's set up right now, it doesn't look cluttered. i have installer in the sms position, since sms is on the dock, and i have the XLaunch app hidden in the spot right underneath clock with a transparent icon, so that i can open all my installed apps and everything. if you do want icons for other apps though, i will be happy to make them up(it only takes a second lol).

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    That look so awesome.Only comment is maybe resize that picture so it looks more even.

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    is it Downloadable yet...???

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    Default uploaded(finally)
    sorry this is taking me so long guys, i haven't had as much time to work on this as i would like. it's in the downloads section now under themes.

    it's a .ipb file which has the icons you see in the screenshot, along with a set of icons for a good portion of the apps currently in Installer. also has a greyscaled charging battery set, and it will make a new theme under SummerBoard 2.0 for you to use to set the background and the dock. it'll make a new theme folder and put the dock and wallpaper images there when you install with the .ipb installer, so you will just have to select it from the SummerBoard theme menu.

    i'm hoping to have some time this weekend to begin skinning the apps, and i'm going to try and make another package so that the folks using iSwitcher won't have to do any work to use this theme. let me know what you think so far.

    ok so i re-uploaded it and took down the old file. the new link is at:

    it has a .ipb package, and a .thm package for you iSwitcher users out there(i just started using it today, and i love it ^_^). i tried making a package for summerboard as well, but over the past couple upgrades they have changed the naming for the icons slightly so i'm going to wait until everything is figured out. this layout does use summerboard to an extent, just for being able to scroll the home screen(i have it set to skip the fourth row, so all the other programs are there, you just have to scroll for them). that and now they have the five icon dock back.

    let me know what you think. i noticed quite a few people downloaded this before, i'm assuming at least some of you like it. i'm thinking about making another one with icons that use all the characters from the movie, but that's going to take me awhile lol.

    it's approved now, btw ^_^
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