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Thread: [RELEASE] Blackberry Impression

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgue View Post
    Anyone having issues with the date? It displays Friday but today is Thursday... And the calendar date is OK
    Well, not a fix, but... If you have the date and time to be set automatic, it displays the date correctly, otherwise, if you set it, it shows the incorrect day...

    I stopped using this skin anyway because it looks nice, but I want the time to display on safari and other apps... if there's some way to do this, please tell

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    looking for icons for bank of america, facebook, weather channel, and **********

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeydooodie View Post
    looking for icons for bank of america, facebook, weather channel, and **********
    i posted this facebook icon with Alt a few weeks ago.
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    icons pleasee

    CBNK 3D
    Cube Runner
    Diner Dash
    gpS Phone
    touch grind
    ferrari gt
    paper football
    word boost
    friend sync
    apt backup

    i understand if thats too many lool
    thanks in advance!!

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    sorry im a noob to this. but how do i get the files from my computer to my phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by super_chris View Post
    sorry im a noob to this. but how do i get the files from my computer to my phone?
    you'll need a jailbroken iphone... after that just use cydia to install

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    Anyone made any new icons?

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    thanks for the beautiful theme...

    its annoying when themes dont take ipod touch users into consideration... could you please post normal and dock icons for music and videos? also, a dock icon for photos would be great...

    these are the only icons im missing... and maybe some more stock blackberry wallpapers would be nice

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    im having the same issue, above the icon where it should say wedsday the top is cut off and the y is in the wrong trying to fix the problem....

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    This theme is sick!!! ... but please make more icons!
    I know theres a long line, but i need:
    Crash cart Nitro
    Distant Shore
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    I applied this theme, however my swirly MMS icon doesn't change even though it is in the folder. Also can I make the weather icon it gives me by default work for the weather channel app by renaming it?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Can you please fix a few issues with this theme:
    1) the date on the springboard does not change automatically, it requires you to turn the phone off then back on.
    2) in winterboard, When I check "No undocked icon labels" it still shows the text underneath the icons?
    3) please repost the icon PSD's
    4) On the calandar app , Wednesday is cut in half horizontally
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    Hi, I'm new to this thread, and I love the theme, I have it set at the mo but just one thing.
    I'm trying to remake the Blackberry Impression theme but with using winterboard as little as possible, because IN MY OPINION (no need to get defensive anyone, its just my personally experience) winterboard is slowed my iPhone down slighty and I would rather have the speed although I love the theme.
    The only things I currently have running through winterboard is the clock mod and the SB Background.
    I've changed all my icons individually but some dont come out as they have been designed, I put them into my phone and they end up being darker, more 'button' like and have the trade icon glow over the top. I'll post a couple of photos so you can understand what I mean.

    In the image below the once that are not as they should be are Telegraph & Pro RSS

    Does anyone know why this happens and how I can change it, Thanks
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    hey pretty excellent theme!! but i have a problem, i dont use the same dock icons, can u make the next app icons for the dock please


    and a normal icon versions of


    thanks a lot

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    Has anyone made any icons for Tweetie? I still love this theme but it seems a lot of people have given up on it.

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    Can someone share a NON docked Text icon please?

    Much appreciated.

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    let the thread rest in peace

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    Why? This is one of the best out there IMO and so many people still use it. Just because the author has abandoned it, doesn't mean the community/fans have to as well.

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    gracias (thanks)

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