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Thread: Default Icon Theme (Landscape Edition)

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    Default Default Icon Theme (Landscape Edition)

    Its in ipb format. I was a bit lazy and didnt add the sideways text but if someone wants to they can

    EDIT: I decided to add text to it so it looks even better now!


    waiting to be approved
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    my neck hurts
    Hit Thanks!

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    lol your not supposed to turn your head sideways, thats why the iphone is sideways, its a sideways theme lol

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    Default Wow
    Nice concept. Definitely an original one!

    I wonder how far off until we can get a program to switch between the stock icons and these when you rotate the phone. or i suppose just rotate any icon 90 degrees. Wow that would be slick.

    Couple ideas that you could do to this theme. (not necessarily improvements just a couple interesting ideas.) How about adding a Landscape dock and custom displayOrder.plist to have icons shifted into 2 rows of 5 along the (new) top of the screen and 5 icons in the dock along the new (bottom) of the screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uPhone559 View Post
    my neck hurts
    LOL i was gonna say the same thing too!

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    LOVE IT I always use my phone in landscape this is the best! never tought of it at all!!!

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    that would be cool, but imagine coverflow for your programs when you turn the phone to landscape....
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    i have converted this theme to a standard summerboard theme. i take no credit for the graphics, and the text names are far from perfect, but it does work quite well IF you put the icons in the proper order via customize (or via 1.1.3 i suppose, although i've yet to take the plunge so i'm not sure). the icons MUST be in the order shown in the screenshot above for the first page of your springboard: SMS, Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, and then Settings. The dock should be Phone, Mail, Safari, and iPod. Although in the screenshot above it doesn't have the text names, (but the author does mention updating to have them), this SMB theme DOES have them (adds to the effect). For best results (in my opinion), use Summerboard "hide dock labels" option. you CAN have icons in the fourth row if you so desire, although they won't be turned landscape. i suggest using the Summerboard "hide icon labels" option for best results IF you choose to use the fourth row (so that at least you don't have names on the wrong side). the icons black out the wallpaper of the first page of your springboard, but the blackness stays with them, revealing your wallpaper for subsequent pages. i suggest putting non-default (and therefor still portrait oriented) icons on these subsequent pages together. someone willing to spend a little more time could easily streamline this idea and make it work/look much better, but this works for now. neat effect to. enjoy!
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    i have uploaded a second version of my summber board conversion. this time i have added an iTouch style dock, and a black wallpaper. these two additions keep the whole theme black (instead of being black on the first page and then showing your own wallpaper for the subsequent pages). this makes the whole theme a bit more elegant, and i recommend it, but I thought i'd leave both versions up so that you can pick which one you like better. hope someone finds this useful/fun!
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