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Thread: Aqwoah

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    Read my signature. Also note that Aqwoah already includes two of the requests you made.
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    Please help

    How can I make links to the applications?

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    Go to the application page in iTunes and right click on the application logo (top left of the page) and select "Copy iTunes store URL".
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    Ops,i'm sorry!!!I have resolved with some icons,but some incomplete ones remain of it.can you help me please?

    - TubeStatus

    - LondonTube

    - Tube London City

    - Monopoly

    - Zen Pinball:Inferno

    Is there a complete list with all the icons?That to beginning thread is not it.

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    Sorry, but what is so difficult to understand here? Neither Tube London City nor Zen Pinball:Inferno can be accurate app names as shown on the iPhone, because they are too long. This is getting ridiculous. I will now stop taking requests for icons on this forum. Donors have my email and I will be happy to fill any requests submitted to me via email and with the required info.

    Here are some requests I received.

    Clock (some alternatives; will be included in AltIcons folder)


    Hero Of Sparta



    Pocket Aid
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    It excuses really, I have now understood well.The icons are visualized this way:

    - Inferno

    - London City

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    Hello All:

    Does anyone have icons for the following apps??

    -Add Birthday

    Any help, would be much appreciated!!



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    @pao84 and lkbulls: I have made your requested icons. They will be included in the next update to Aqwoah and you can download them via Cydia.

    @marcf: Requests must now be made through email with link and accurate name of the app.

    Filling some requests received by email.



    Nanosaur 2
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    Thank you Arnadillo!!!!

    Could you please make icons for iSpazio Dockflow?

    DockFlow | iSpazio - Il Blog sull'iPhone piĆ¹ letto in Italia e nel Mondo

    Sorry Thank you Armadillo
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    You're welcome. Please no more requests here, since I will not be monitoring this thread for some time. I may be able to sneak in and post a few icons, but requests should go through email for the time being.

    And there is already an icon in Aqwoah (AppFlow) that just needs to be symlinked. I will do that for the next update.
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    Here are some more filled requests from donors:

    Aki Mahjong



    Easy Wi-Fi








    London City


    Mahjong Palace





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    Thanks Armadillo!

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    Thanks Armadillo!!!

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    USA Manual

    Warfare Inc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nirav464 View Post
    hey armadillo i think I have a prob with your dialer.

    should there be black bars around it like that in the red box?

    I tried restarting it but still no avail.

    did this ever get resolved? i have been using the dialer since 1.12 and it seems to get progressively more 'un-aqwoah'-ish.

    i would most definitely prefer a hybrid:

    but i was fine with this version:

    but right now mine looks all messed up (just got it from Cydia):


    any ideas Armadillo?

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    Hello Armadillo.

    Would it be possible to create some list of the applications you have made icons for so far?
    I know that they are all somewhere here in the 104 pages in this forum, but it would be nice to have some kind of "database" of already created icons just for faster searching and to prevent the double-requests...

    What do you think ? Would it be possible?

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    I'm searching an Icon for "Touchgrind"

    Could someone make one for me, please?

    Greets, Titus

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    @Hyde: Apple keeps changing the dialer. I'll look into this.

    @Kermel: There is a database of all icons. You can donate and download the full icon set of ~700 icons via Cydia

    @Titus74: Requests should only be made via email.






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    Hey Armadillo first of all, Thaaanks for keeping this theme alive, It really is awesome, and it DOES worth the donation. Yes I'm talking to you dayloon.
    Second I'm having the same problem with the dialer but it's ok I can live with that, but there is one thing that I don't like and I don't know why is happening maybe you know how to fix it or someone has the same problem. I have the iLog is an application that extends the call log and sms log function, there is an option that lets you replace the default log in recent calls for the iLog one, it worked perfect for me until I installed the aqwoah keyboard, I tried reinstaling the iLog but didn't work anymore, yesterday when I update my iPhone to 2.2 I installed the iLog again and when I installed the Aqwoah keyboard the iLog stop working again.
    (When i say stop working I mean the default iPhone log reapear instead the iLog extended one, The application itself stll works)
    I really love the iLog replacement, but I love the keyboard too, I want to keep both, if anyone knows how to fix it thanks.
    αGoD HaS THe⌃oF My LiFe aND i DoN'T WaNNa⎋*Ⓘ♡Ⓜⓨⓘⓗⓞⓝⓔ

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