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Thread: Aqwoah

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    hey army, ive been trying to convert some people from other forums to aqwoah-ism (get them to donate, or maybe just try the theme) have you gotten a donation from someone who calls themselves super51fan?

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    What's wrong with the Keyboard? I just installed it via the secret repo and it worked flawlessly...


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    I just released v4. In v3 I fixed the caps lock key (it had a white background in landscape mode). Unfortunately, I added that image to an older version of my keyboard, which had the phone keypad only partially modded. Sorry about that. So I think that v4 is now pretty much final and absent of any glitches (however small they may have been; few people use all of the keyboards and I have never used the caps lock myself...).

    But you all have unlimited data :-D
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    Icon request for new apps

    1. WeMJ
    It's a mahjong game developed by WeiPhone Dev Team where we play against 3 computer controlled player.

    2. RepoName
    An app to enable us to search for the repository's address by key in the app name.


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    what is all this talk of keyboards v3 and v4, is this on installer?

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    I did install V3, and my keyboard was fine. And I just installed V4 and everything is still the same. Maybe I got the lucky install.


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    I have 1 icon request: Twinkle


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    I must admit how impressed I am that you can crank out these icons so fast and with so much quality!


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    Twinkle is in Aqwoah. Themes on Installer will be updated later today. I also decided to change the vWallpaper icon, as it was a bit too similar to the Wallpaper app.


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    hehe armadillo that is extremelyyyy cool (I like this one better)

    /me goes and grabs...


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    Can i Request Loo Icon please....

    Thx in advance... n_n

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    Thats The My Favourite Theme!

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    Hey man i've stolen probaby like 30 icons now, love your theme for sure.

    was wondering for the notes icon if i can get this exact same thing, but without the color bars at the top?

    so it looks something like this

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    Okay, I will add that version to the AltIcons folder in the theme and you can then move it to the custom folder so it overrides the default during installation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post
    Okay, I will add that version to the AltIcons folder in the theme and you can then move it to the custom folder so it overrides the default during installation.

    Thats tight dawg, thanks man.

    Also do you have any iPod icons similiar to the one above?

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    ok well i love this theme as much as other people too and these r the icons i dont have
    if they are made already can someone post them or direct me to the page if not would u be able to make them:

    thank you!

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    you know the rules, so no luck
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    @ meloyo,

    Help yourself by providing armadillo with a brief description of the app together with its original icon and link.

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    i didnt know
    i just posted for icon requests because i love this theme
    but i shortened it and here:
    facebook: i think u a ll know what facebook is, just like myspace
    Twisted Fingers: you know the game when u have to spin and put like hands and feet different places, well this is sorta like that except you use two fingers
    SkySMS: and text messaging utility
    YoMomma: a yo mama dis generator, it makes yo mam jokes for you

    so basically the only icon requests i have right now are
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