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Thread: Aqwoah

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    I forgot to move the zip file for iBlackjack. It should be available now. As to the multiple versions you see, you must have installed all sources. Only instal one source that corresponds to your firmware. In your case 102.xml.

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    Could you do a falling sand icon?

    For this game
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    Hmm. The battery is so damn cool. For us ipod touch users, could you make a new file that says Ipod Touch instead of iphone?


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    Hi everybody

    Very well done for this work armadillo.

    For me it's the best theme, and the most complete, it's a lot of work, so thank you very much.

    But otherwise, I have a little problem with my call button...
    I have just unzip the files and put them into the right directory Applications/, but the call button isn't the right one.

    It appears correctly during 1s after the reboot, and after, I keep the default one, see the picture...

    very strange. I tried many time to replace the files again, be back to my default dialer, but it's still the same problem.

    If somebody has any idea, that would be perfect, but with this bad call button, it's disgusting, it's so nice with yours armadillo )

    I tried to looking for into this thread, but I didn't see nothing

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    Looks like you installed the 1.1.1 files into 1.1.2. Why don't you use the installer source? See

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    yep, in fact I installed the 1.1.1 version at the beginning, I made this mistake, and after treid by the correct one, but it was still the same problem.

    I discovered the installer source from alohasoft, and it works now... so it's perfect.

    I have just to correct some minor problem of icons, every icons haven't been changed, during the install of the theme.

    So, thank you anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post
    Some websites




    Oh, and regarding more frequent updates for installer, that may be a problem due to bandwidth. I will have to see about that. I may have to buy more bandwidth, but at the current donation activity, that may have to wait (number of donations so far: 0 as in zero or zilch)



    Question: what are these icons for? Are they shortcuts to websites that you can put on the desktop on the iphone? Sorry for the stupid question but Im trying to understand what they are? So i can use them...


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyDee View Post
    Question: what are these icons for? Are they shortcuts to websites that you can put on the desktop on the iphone? Sorry for the stupid question but Im trying to understand what they are? So i can use them...

    They are for this

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    Hey Armadillo,

    Is it possible for you to make the icon minus the smiley face and in different colors? Thanks.

    Can I also get a link so that I can donate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post

    I'm not sure if i skipped over the thread or not, is there a SMSD icon yet?
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    Man, I would donate if only that armadillo guy could help out us ipod touch users and make that battery say ipod instead.....oh well.

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    hahahaha, that was brilliant.

    Yeah, you'll get your iPod battery... although now it will look like I'm doing it for the donation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper44 View Post
    Hey Jasper,

    Thanks alot dude! Now my second question is how can I get the app on my Iphone? what program do you use? Also is there a way to remove certain icons from the desktop? such as STOCK and so on...


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    Your wish has been granted. The iPod battery is now live on all alohasoft sources. Check out the More Info section for screenshot.
    Come visit AlohaSoft

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    what's MSS? If you mean MMS, then it's already included.
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    Default Thank you...
    I've been around the skinning community for more years than I want to count but this is the first time I ever actually get totally satisfied w/ my theme! Alilllll tweaking here and there but this will be my permanent theme on my iphone I just got my gel skin so this is how it looks.

    Just wanted to say "Thank you" armadillo once again for all the updates on the icons I have (3) pages worth of them (some I messed w/ but most are all your default icons) love them...
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    That is a very elegant combination. Pretty spectacular and well-coordinated.
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  20. #500 I'll try to send 20 dollars on friday.

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