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Thread: Aqwoah

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    Hey armadillo :]
    can you plz post/upload the 1.1.2 dialer ?

    thanks in advance
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    Hey armadillo it’s a fact that you have created the best theme for iphone. Well done!!!

    I would love to have the installer for updating; everyone who wants to have this theme updated would definitely chip in for it.

    I am ready to do so and I suggest that everyone should send a small amount, however you should see things in a long run.
    I think you should cooperate with an existing source list such as or any other one, to be better off.
    It’s your decision; I would follow your theme anywhere.

    Please, instruct everyone on you first page, on any changes and updates or how to install the new icons and additional screens.

    thank you for you effort and personal contribution,

    Athens, Greece
    My start with the technology world....

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    I'm working on it. I'm actually improving the installation process to make it foolproof and I'm testing it right now. I have received enough funds to provide the sources. I am still accepting donations and I would encourage everyone to donate, but I will be using the surplus to support other developers. If you don't donate to me, donate to projects you find useful. None of the developers nor myself are in it for the money, but it really gives a boost in motivation.

    See my previous post. I was shocked that the iPhoneShop developer never received any donation, although several people here have used his work to make keyboards (btw, his name is Renee Trisberg and he's located in Estonia; I feel very good about having donated to him).

    So please be a little more patient until I have optimized the public sources. After that, I will be putting some goodies into the donor sources.

    Petros: regarding the MMi source, it's been not so useful for me, since I had some endless update loops when the apps appeared on the "official" sources and the version was not updated on MMi. Also, I need to be able to handle the location and update cycle.
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    After reading what you said, I understand what you mean. I have since the beginning. I'm just not used to having to pay for something that was there in the first place. But, obviously, I understand. I wasn't aware that there was previous attempts to get people to genuinely "donate" before.

    I guess my real question is, how much money do you really need to get all this up and running? If there's an exact amount, then we're talking a little bit more seriously. Say .Mac charges an extra $100 a year for you to get more bandwidth (being a .Mac member myself, I don't use much bandwidth so I'm not sure the cost), then you should keep something available for those of us who donate to keep track of how close you are to the goal. Giving money to an iPhone third-party graphics developer seems sketchy because obviously we don't know how much you need and how much you're actually getting.

    But then you can argue that you deserve compensation for your free work that you put a lot of time into - which I understand and completely agree. So, yeah, there's a huge gray area.

    And for those of you that just kiss this guy's *** - drop it. He's a great artist, and obviously one who's committed to his work. We're all iPhone users here, and that's that. When money gets involved, excuse me for being a little suspicious. I only said a comment in the first place because I've considered donating, but for the reasons said above, I feel funny about doing so.

    We're all here for one reason, so let's keep it that way.
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    Usually, I'm not to fond of donating, especially for something as "open source" as the iPhone. But, my donation not only helped armadillo (whether it was for bandwidth or drugs or whatever), it also got me constant updates to his two public themes, along with three other non-released themes. And that is what made my donation worth it to me.

    @ the topic on hand, do you think you could integrate your multitouch icon into your themes please? Thanks armadillo.

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    Hmmm... MultiTouch is in there. Isn't the app called MultiTouch? Or is it Multitouch? Summerboard is case-sensitive. I will fix if necessary. Let me know what the exact name is.

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    It is indeed called Multitouch.

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    Arm: I know it's not much but my donation is on it's way.

    Thanks for the great themes and graphics.
    Je t'aime encore, Roguette

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxeneers View Post
    Sorry my post was "disappointing". I wouldn't like it if somebody called me out on begging for money on a forum. It's just not right. If you do want donations, that's not the way to go about doing that. I'm just not cool with people sending out "pleas" for real-life money, on a forum about skinning and icons for the iPhone.

    I would donate to you Armadillo, but I cannot constitute giving you my hard-earned money because posts like your original "plea for help" are borderline disturbing.

    You've created a great theme, but you need to get over the holier-than-thou presence you've created on this thread/forum. And bottom line: if you need donations to keep your installer source running, then put that in your signature instead of hating on those who write "armadillo fix the installer! more icons!".
    stfu u lil b!tch, the man has the ONLY complete theme for the iphone and the best bar dialer, so u telling us that you too cheap to send him 1 dollar for all the work he's done to help OUR iphones be better u r pathetic. And why should he not ask for donations in the forum after all a lot of people from this forum do want his themes. People like u make me sick...fuckin loser

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    I already put the iLauncher, iSwtcher on my phone. Succesfully switcht to the black/black icons. but there a some coloured: PDF Viewer, SendSong, My Location, SendFile and SendPics, how get this also in black? I am not able to get the beautiful BATTERY on the iPhone. (sorry for the bad english)
    ciao camino-tim.w

    (10 min. later) PS: Thanks, battery is working now!!!
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    Is an MMS icon on the way? Thanks!

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    Patience guys. Icons, themes, and sources are in progress and will be updated later today. And let's give the donation stuff a rest and return to the more enjoyable aspects of modding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akai View Post
    Just a heads up:
    MyLocation has been suspended and is no longer working (check the last page of that link). Guess we won't need an icon for this app...

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    Default Weird issue
    I just checked and there were new updates to all the Aqwoah apps including dialer, battery etc. I don't know what the difference is. Anyhow, I tried to uninstall battery and the dialer and I get an error saying "Main script execution failed!". Why is this happening? Is it because I originally installed these manually and am now updating through How do I fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdgemini View Post
    I just checked and there were new updates to all the Aqwoah apps including dialer, battery etc. I don't know what the difference is. Anyhow, I tried to uninstall battery and the dialer and I get an error saying "Main script execution failed!". Why is this happening? Is it because I originally installed these manually and am now updating through How do I fix this?
    Just try it again later. That's happened to me numerous times with different applications and all I do is try again at a different time and it works.

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    I've been having the same problem. I can't seem to uninstall the Aqwoah dialer and calculator. I've been trying it for the last hour.

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    Okay, my XML editor screwed up big time, but I should have caught it. So I'm sorry. I fixed the sources. In order to fix the uninstall glitch, you will have to update all mods that show up as updates. After that, the uninstall should work again.

    But seriously guys, who would want to uninstall any of these great packages

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    i use all your themes armadillo. but installer won`t install the iBlackjack skin. it says errror package download failed. and all the updates show up 3 times, i`m on 1.02 and for the dialer it will show 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 as updates also. is there a site i can just download your themes from? awesome work man

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