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Thread: [RELEASE] Smee's First Winterboard Theme ECKO UNLIMITED

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    Default [RELEASE] ECKO UNLIMITED (KillSignCarbonRed Mod by Smee)
    Note to mods
    Firstly I apologize as I believe I put this in the wrong place to start off with. PLEASE CAN YOU DELETE MY OTHER THREAD?
    But finally I have found the right place and here is the first release of my first full theme mod for Winterboard!!

    I have used bits from some other themes (thank you to all those excellent themers out there) but it all goes very well together and I am very happy with it.

    Due to the user "NotInUse" aka KillSign kicking up a stink you need to download KillSignCarbonRed from KillSign iPhone Theme Development and apply it with WINTERBOARD then download my theme mod from here and apply it also. That way you are using both and the bore that is "NotInUse" can go and pester someone else for a past-time.

    I have used the KrystalRed Keyboard Available on Cydia by Carolina Fernandez.

    Lastly I discovered how to remove the page dots courtesy of Max's No Page Dots theme avaialble on Cydia from Planet-iPhones

    I would like to thank all of these users for their excellent work on all their themes and giving me the inspiration to mod and create my own touches


    The components I have made for this theme are

    • 3 new sliders
    • Answer and decline buttons
    • SMS bubbles
    • 3d wallpaper with spaces for weather widget
    • 3d lockscreen with spaces for slider and top screen message

    In future releases I hope to add

    1. My own icons
    2. Improvements to the SMS Bubbles with dropshadow and outlines
    3. An Ecko Rhino Battery Charger
    4. Design my own style for a black and red keyboard
    5. More mods to the ULLIMAGES to bring more red to the theme
    6. Find a different font that fits in with the Ecko Unlimited Design
    7. Possibly create some kind of dock that makes the dock icons stand out

    I will work on adding these asap as you can all see why would I want anything to do with KillSigns Themes again.

    Hope you all like it? My friends and I are very happy with it. Let me know what you all think.



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    very nice job!! How did u make those SMS bubbles? I've been trying to do something of that nature for a while? Just with a superman logo

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    Okay, I'll say it ..THIEF.

    Many of the icons you are using are from my KillSignCarbonRed Theme. These are ORIGINAL images I created, not copies of some other persons icons. I put, literally, tens of hours into the creation of these images and you simply take them and release them as your own. My theme was only released via Cydia and not as a download for you to decompile and take from. You did not ask for permission to use these images and what's worse you didn't even credit me for their creation. Remove them from your "theme."

    I believe that red keyboard is also stolen from someone else.

    I can't believe the nerve of some people. You make an ugly wallpaper and you think you've created a theme.
    Last edited by NotInUse; 2008-09-05 at 04:11 AM.
    KillSign creator

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    you can call me a thief if you wish, I openly admited in my first post I have used bits from other themes.
    If you must know I have used an edited info.plist, some ull images and amazing icons from KillSignCarbon Red theme. I have also used the amazing Kyrstal Red Keyboard.
    I have already said thankyou to the amazing themers out there for making these themes and at no point do I take any credit for theme
    The components I have made for this theme are
    3 new sliders
    Answer and decline buttons
    SMS bubbles
    3d wallpaper with spaces for weather widget
    3d lockscreen with spaces for slider and top screen message.
    I appreciate critisms and people always learn from them but what I have done here is compile all the elements together into one selectable modded theme instead of chosing up to 5 different options in winterboard. Not only is this more convenient for me but it makes my iphone run quicker.
    I do intend at some point of adding my own icons when I have the time but I am really happy with the amazing ones from KillSignCarbon Reds theme as they go so well.

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    Again.. stealing my ORIGINAL artwork that I took literally days to complete then releasing it as if it is your own theme is exceptionally poor behavior.

    You do not have permission to rerelease my icons.

    Remove them from your download.
    KillSign creator

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    Whats the problem with me using your Icons mate? They are amazing icon's, thats why so many people download your themes. Your very bitter considering I never took any credit for the icons.
    You havent read any of my posts properly, I have also used the ULL Images to make the rest of the phone black and red.
    I have listed what I have done and you should be much more grown up than to scream thief. You should be honoured that someone thinks your work is so good that they want to use it in their own modifications.
    At the end of the day these themes are free to download, no gain from releasing them and are available to benefit other peoples tastes and individuality.
    Please just take a chill pill and be happy that I am getting your work out to other people.


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    I'm with you on this NotInUse...these images are from KillSign's theme and you directly STOLE them. You butchered his theme, in fact, with that ugly ecko wallpaper. You are pathetic. It's one thing to use images from various themes to create a theme for your own personal use, but to release it publicly with images you DIDN'T CREATE is just PATHETIC. ******BAG

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    Anyone else that cant read want to call me childish names?
    You are aware the more you do it the more people look at this thread? The more people that look at his thread the more people are downloading it so Im guessing there's at least a few that like it and thats all I wanted.
    You wont get me to argue, you wont get me to retaliate all you will achieve is to entertain me, and for that I thank you.


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    Very nice theme


    When I want to decompress l' files, there is full d' errors. Would it be possible elsewhere upload than on sendfile?
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    Ignore this post
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    How many times can I post this before I need to take direct action????

    I didn't ask you for credit.. I have SPECIFICALLY told you to REMOVE MY ORIGINAL ARTWORK.

    Failure to do so will result in action. My artwork is copyrighted and protected as such. Quit being a little punk and remove the hard work I did from your download.
    KillSign creator

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    Quote Originally Posted by smeeshum View Post

    Thx, it's works

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    The first post has been changed

    There we go, now everybody can download this and use it the way it was meant to be without people resorting to childish behaviour and name calling.


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    I did not ask you to credit me for the theme.. I've asked you to REMOVE my artwork from your download.

    I am willing to assist others in creating themes.. What I DO NOT support is redistribution of my work and passing it of as your own work.
    Last edited by NotInUse; 2008-09-05 at 07:43 PM.
    KillSign creator

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    Before you go all Judge Dread on me please take the time to read things
    ie the first post on this thread and your private message inbox
    If you did this before typing you wouldn't look quite as silly nor as naive as you are.

    I would like to repeat my earlier post where I thank you for the entertainment you have provided me today.

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    You can try and paint me as being silly or naive all you want. The truth is you were repackaging and redistributing files that took me literally weeks to complete. ANY developer would be unhappy with this behavior if it were their software being given away as if it belonged to someone else.

    Maybe I'll simply stop developing themes. That way you'll have nothing to lift from in the future.

    As I posted, I'm more than willing to assist anyone in creating a theme. In fact, I'll even help you mod my files for your device. What I won't do is support someone passing off my work as their own. IF that makes me "childish" or "naive" then so be it.
    KillSign creator

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    Smeeshum. Under all seriousness, obey his request:
    Quote Originally Posted by NotInUse View Post
    I've asked you to REMOVE my artwork from your download.
    If they are his icons and he doesn't want them there, remove them. That's all. Thread closed.
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