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Thread: [RELEASE] Bleach Theme

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    Default [RELEASE] Bleach Theme
    Bleach Theme!!!!

    Includes battery logo, Ichigo slowly has mask fade in as battey gets low, when battery is pretty much dead, hollow ichigo appears.
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    Awesome theme. Better than the original theme. Any way to add the Bankai sword behind the Phone/Mail/Safari/iPod?

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    This theme is awesome.
    I love how you used chibi versions of all the characters, and I'm especially surprised you used Madarame's Bankai; since it's such a rarity.

    Your comment about that battery thing sounds so cool though..
    Do you mean like, when you plug your iPhone in to be charged, it has Ichigo's face as a Hollow Ichigo and goes from Hollow to Normal in scale of 0 - 100% charged? That'd be amazing! I'd love it if you made it seperate as a winterboard add-on! Message me if you're thinking about it.

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    Default Please help
    I downloaded your Bleach Theme and I am just trying to figure out how do I put it onto my iPod Touch 2g Jailbroken 3.0 32gb??

    I have Winterboard and I got x2 Bleach Themes but just wondering how do you add the Custom Themes to my ipod touch 2g for use??

    Please explain

    Please post how to add them to my ipod touch 2g Jailbroken...This Theme Is Awsome looking...

    Now all we need is Sound File for Bleach...Like One could be where you Open your iPod Touch 2g or iPhone and You would hear someone like Ichigo yelling "Bankai" and then you could have Byakuya Kuchiki Calling out his Zanpaktou "Senbonzakura"

    And when you moved the Unlock button you could hear a sword being Unsheathed. That would be Sweet.

    Figured it out

    OpenSSH and WinHCP
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