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Thread: Buuf

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    Here is an icon that I use for BigOven, it comes from the standard package of Buuf icons.
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    It's located at /User/Library/SBSettings/Themes/Buuf2

    Depending on your application that the icon is for... (E.g for iMobileCinema, the folder is called iMC)

    You can find the folder name for the corresponding apps in the /User/Library/SBSettings/Themes/Default

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    Is it possible for someone to create a buuf icon for:



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    Default :O.
    Hey everyone.
    First of all, awesome theme!
    I really like it, it is the best
    Ive seen from what I saw.
    I would like to have some
    icons for a pretty long list,
    I hope this list is not too long:
    Chop Sushi
    Fast&Furious Pink Slip
    Brothers In Arms
    Moto Chaser
    Gummi Bar
    Moto Racing GP

    Those are 13 apps after all, I hope
    its not too hard work. For anyone
    who can make it, thank you very
    much :].

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    Here is one i made for Chop Suchi
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    been trying to update to v3
    but keep getting

    " Error md5sum mismatch "

    how can this be fixed ??

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    Could you make more categories icons?

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    wich one you want?

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    Requesting for an Icon for OldCamera!

    Nvm.. I made it myself, anyone who wants it, here you go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcyTexx View Post
    Could you make more categories icons?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wisso View Post
    wich one you want?
    Well, you know how many icons do you get with the categories app?
    Well, those...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiotas View Post
    Just close Cydia and retry..It will work..try also to have the maximum network coverage
    i had the same problem.. still didn't work.. i even rebooted.. and tried 10 time.. i ended up sshing it in...

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    @skyeking69 & imovaherenow

    I had the same problem, but i kept trying.

    It worked after i tried about 5x... You know what they say, patience is a virtue

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    Can anyone post a link to version 2.9 since they still haven't fixed 3.0 (MD5sum mismatch). I don't have a copy but would like to get my phone back to normal after a restore.

    Not sure how some of you are getting it to work.... The download stats still show 0 downloads for the life of version 3.0. Are you sure it's working for you? Either that or the download stats aren't tracking. Either way, I cant get it into my phone to save my life.
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    Go to the 1st page, axero posted the direct download links. Download it.

    From there extract it. Through SSH, place the Buuf2.theme at /Library/Themes. Then you'll just have to enable it through Winterboard
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    I had no idea to look @ the first post... stupid. I spent an hour searching for it. Thank you.

    I actually used Netatalk. One thing though, the iPhone wouldn't take the Buuf2.theme file at first. It gave me a "Flie name too long or disk cannot display image" error message when it got to the "Converter+++" icon, at aroud 4mb each time I tried. I had to remove the converter icons from the package manually. After those icons were removed, it copied over no problem. I wonder if those same icons are what causeing the Cydia mismatch problem. Either way, i'm back in business. Thanks again.
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    Can someone create CSI:Miami and FerrariGT icon plz thx

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    golum could you bufferize Laser Puzzle for me please.. here is the app store link iTunes Store

    Merci beaucoup!! =))

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    Default icy
    icy for u
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    I can't imagine how much time you must spend doing these awesome icons on request. That being said, I use the heck out of the following apps but keep them hidden in category folders because the original icons are not up to buuf quality. Can you do:

    pro hockey live

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    My icon of Ferrari GT

    And one for 1Password and Daybank
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