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Thread: Unofficial Foxkeh Theme 1.1

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    Default Unofficial Foxkeh Theme 1.1
    I guess I'll start this off by introducing you to Foxkeh! The uber kawaii Japanese Mozilla Firefox Mascot. And I have created a theme in honour of our little fiery furry friend.

    Unofficial Foxkeh Theme 1.1

    You can find more stuff on him at Foxkeh's Blog

    I do not claim any ownership of Foxkeh. HE BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE THAT RUN FOXKEH.COM!

    Pretty Cute huh?

    I crafted every icon on photoshop to fit the application/widget's description. But I couldn't have done it without the generosity of They let you download high res png images of foxkeh. Ah, they really know what to do when it comes to encouraging innovative thought ^_^.

    Thanks for stopping by ^_^
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    ramen ramen <3 ^_^

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    This is absolutely my ultimate favorite of all the themes.
    I use it all the time and show it off to anyone I can.
    Amazing work!
    The background works so perfectly with the icons and everything is so crisp and high-res!
    Perfect wallpaper for the kawaii-nuts like myself, I always looked for a wallpaper like this but none of the others were as high-quality as this.

    I really hope you can convince the people at Foxkeh to let you go official and maybe add new icons in future updates?? I'm really looking forward to it. I'd love icons for Flashlight, MIM, iReboot, Winterboard, Cydia, AppStore, Facebook, AIM, Tap Tap, etc. Maybe a slider? That'd be adorable!

    Don't let it die, keep up the great work! I'll help in whatever way I can.

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    Beautiful....oh the theme is nice too
    iLive an iLife

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    Yes it is really sweet theme
    It reminds Firefox and makes iPod/iPhone looks better
    (I forgot if "nicer" is OK so I wrote better)
    [[email protected]]# ./iPhone
    [[email protected]]# configure
    [[email protected]]# make
    [[email protected]]# make install
    [[email protected]]#

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    Very beautiful!!

    I see you are in Cydia and on WinterBoard. Congratulations.

    I'd like to request icons for Categories, then all my other icons (many) can be put in Categories "folders". The Categories icons do not have to look like "folders".

    For most people: Games and Apps are sufficient.

    However, I have 10 pages of icons: RSS, News, Radio, TV/Movies, Puzzles, Photography (need a category for photo apps), Outdoors, Indoors, Shopping, Services (for me, this includes VoIP telephone, WiFI, Bluetooth) and Calculations (more calculators, converters, measurement and trigonometry apps).

    The Categories Icons packs, in Cydia and in WinterBoard, are listed separately. In Cydia Search categories to see the list.

    I hope you do this.

    It would make the theme complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgrrl View Post

    It would make the theme complete.
    You have hit on a theme that is 10 months old since posted with no updates since then. You may want to send the original poster a PM and see if she is still working this theme.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    I had "discovered" the theme, recently. I posted a "screenshot" in iPod touch Fans forum. There is renewed interest because of the 3.0 jailbreak and Firefox 3.5 release.

    This Unofficial Foxkeh Theme 1.1 is in Cydia and on WinterBoard, now.

    It runs seamlessly in the 3.0 jailbreak. I know. I have it.
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    Awesome, I have always liked this theme myself. Have they added anything new to it?

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    I don't see anything new. However, it installs and runs perfectly.

    Many existing themes do not.

    I did see the high-res Foxkeh photos available at the official Foxkeh website: incluing Foxkeh images, calendars, and backgrounds for your computer.

    However, r3d vixen has really done an exceptional job in putting it all together.

    In particular, her icons are delightful.

    edit: I know no amount of Photoshop experience would help me make those icons.
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    wow those are very cool nicely done thanks for the post..........

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    I hope this theme has more icons added.

    It is "okay" to put an icon "pack" up on Cydia.

    Many people know how to add icons to an existing theme, using iFunBox, iFile or SSH.

    If we had more icons, there is plenty of help to add them. That official foxkeh website has partial icon images, for making icons.
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    Default I love the theme
    I love this theme i was just wondering if you or somebody else could make a Foxkeh theme for the slider to unlock, charging battery, and lock screen. Thank you so very much for make such a beautifully cute theme.

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    Here is a guide about how themes are made.

    I saw how to change the [ame=""]slider to unlock[/ame].

    I would say, if your question is not answered, ask in [ame=""]Themes and Customization[/ame] or [ame=""]Customization Requests[/ame].

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    impressive thanks for sharing
    I guess I'll start this off by introducing Fujitsu M2010 and Redirect Mobile Browsers and SSVNC and Unity Web Player

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