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Thread: Simple Black

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    Icon Update 6:

    ShowTime, ContraSense, CameraPro, Pool, MakeItMine, VoiceDial
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    gorob (2008-02-18), The_Ben (2008-02-18)

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    awsome job you're doing there axero!

    a few more icon requests to complete my black-style-iphone :
    - RealArtist
    - EvolutionRGB (this should be interesting )
    - Marble
    - BallFight
    - PenguinPanic
    - Tetris

    and again, Thanks in Advance

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    i love it but i wish they didnt have the black backgrounds.

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    Could I request one more icon? Touchpad please?

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    Garf and tetris pleaseee

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    Icon Update 7:

    BallFight, EvolutionRGB, Garf, Marble, PenguinPanic, RealArtist, Tetris, Touchpad
    If you like my work on Buuf2 you can donate... Here

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    Thank you very much for the latest icon update, a few more requests for the end
    - PhotoDial
    - iPac3D
    - Yeti3D
    - BBInfo
    - VNsea

    Thanks in Advance

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    Owner / Founder - ModMyi
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    update approved, sorry for the delay got a little behind with the server work

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    the hunger never stops!

    requesting icons for Poof, iSIM, BossPrefs, MobileScrobbler, Categories, PDFViewer

    Best theme ever!

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    GREAT JOB ... i catch it

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Definitely one of the best theme I have seen so far.

    Keep it up.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    can someone make a speed dial icon? Thanks!

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    Smile Thank you
    A simple message to say that I just installed this theme and it looks amazing!!! Some icons are missing but that a minor downside, the main ones are here and it is a pleasure to look at them.

    Thank you very much!
    Keep up the good work!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Could you make this icons too axero?

    Thanks a lot!
    As i said before.. love your themes!!

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    Hi Axero. When will you update this theme? It's one of the best looking ones I know.....

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    Great theme, thanks. Could you please make me a 4balls, preview,mxtube, chuzzle and imgrab icon? Thanks again
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    minimalistic, i like it

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    icons nice background change wouldnt hurt

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    Love this theme!

    Axero, is it possible to make the backgrounds for each icon transparent?

    Would love to use any wallpaper backdrop at my disposal.


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    Icon Update 8:

    4Balls, BBInfo, BossPrefs, Categories, Chuzzle, iBirthDay, IMGrab, iPac3D

    iSIM, Millionaire, MobileScrobbler, MxTube, PDFViewer, PhotoDial, Poof, Preview

    SpeedDial, VNsea, Yeti3D
    If you like my work on Buuf2 you can donate... Here

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