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Thread: [PREVIEW] SuperBlack

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    Default [RELEASE] KillSignSuperBlack
    Full custom theme includes rare items such as sliders, close boxes, badges, battery, HUD, and others. This is a monochrome theme. If you like lots of color, then it won't be for you.

    The LockscreenBackground.jpg is included in the zip, but must be SSH'ed to the phone and placed in User/Library/ for it to work. Without this file, you will see the standard wallpaper on the lock screen (with the custom slider).

    Tested on first generation phone running 2.0.1 firmware.

    Theme now contains over 250 icons.

    Please let me know your thoughts.



    LOOK for KillSignSuperBlack on Cydia.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -screen.jpg  
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    I like it a lot. Will it be available through Customize, WinterBoard theme or as a standalone in Cydia?

    I'd imagine given the battery theme and lock screen that it would be Customize?
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    I love it, will it be 1.1.4 compliant and available thru installer??

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    I'm running 2.0 firmware, no plans for addressing 1.1.4 issues, sorry.

    I may split it and offer a basic theme via Winterboard and more items via Customize. I really like the ease of Winterboard installing but don't like the inability to get at everything. Customize isn't up to snuff on 2.0 yet. (waiting to Pwonage to update to 2.0.1) It causes issues here so it's not currently installed. I've already got badges and close buttons set but can't take screen caps of them.

    Added keyboard image above.

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    Looks very professional. Keep up the great work!

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    Looks great! I'd love an awesome basic black theme

    Are you adding customization to the dialer? Or the calculator? That'd be neat too.

    Icons (you may already have....just some I use)....BossPrefs, Intelliscreen, iBlacklist (whenever it's available for 2.0), Things, Pandora, AOL Radio, 1Password, Remote, Google.

    Great work.

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    Looks nice, but you might want to change the battery image. It's not that great and doesn't really match the theme.

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    OMG, very nice theme, i'm using buff2 now and i will change to yours for sure when it's done but in one case: if you support all the requested appz like buff theme creator did and i'm sure all of us will use it and be happy with it

    than nk you and keep up buddy.

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    I really like this theme a whole lot. My only thing is that the icons are not consistent colorwise. ( Saber, Weather, TapTap etc)

    Acutally I enjoy the colored icons better like your Tap Tap icon. Maybe in your next version of SuperBlack. If you could make all of your icons colored with the " Superblack " background I think you'd seperate yourself from everyone else and have more of a professional original look.

    for example :
    Your phone, ipod, mail, photos, etc. icons are perfect graphic wise but it would be nice if the symbols within the icon were colored.

    imo, there are already several " All Black" tactical looking themes to choose from.

    Great artwork though overall.

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    Good points Malakas.

    One reason I'm focusing on a black theme is the current available "black" themes I've seen fall terribly short in many areas. A black wallpaper, dock, and icon background don't make a solid "theme" in my opinion. This is my first theme for the iPhone (had the phone less than 2 weeks), so a good, solid black theme seems appropriate not to mention it started for my own use and has grown to the possibility of releasing it after enough colleges caught a glimpse at my phone and wanted it.

    I agree whole heartedly about color consistency in the icons. That is something I am addressing. While I don't feel making every icon contain a color, there should be some continuity between them where color is concerned. It just takes quite a bit of time to generate the icons so I'm primarily focusing on the background images and app images at the moment. Once those are completed I'll be reworking the icons.

    CoolBito, I agree with you as well. Battery image needs some adjustment. I just recently gained access, or rather acquired the knowledge that allowed me to grab, battery background and mask image, things will improve.
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    looks good, when are you planning on releasing?

    if possable can you make the following icons, app store, cydia and installer (if they havent already been done)

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    App Store, Cydia, and Installer icons are already included.

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    where and when will you release please ? it look very nice

    Can you add some icon if they are not done :

    Soudoku (not free one but EA one)
    Bejeweled 2
    and offcorse Winterboard :P


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    whats the estimated time of release for this theme?
    Trying is the first step to failure

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    Released sometime around...... now.

    I tried to change the title of this thread but apparently I can't. If a Mod could update it I'd be grateful. Thanks!

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    Very nice job M8! I just ssh the files into my phone.

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    Love this theme. Need more appstore icons for me to be able to use it though. Thanks!

    Here's my HUGE list of stuff I currently have on my phone. The more you can do, the better of course
    - Ultralingua (or a generic dictionary icon)
    - textReader (or generic book icon)
    - MxTube (using Youtube's icon right now)
    - Diggerific
    - AOL Radio
    - Pandora
    - Tuner
    - aSleep
    - 300 Bowl
    - Air Hockey!
    - AllisJigSaw
    - Bejeweled 2
    - Bomberman
    - BrainChal..
    - BreakClassic
    - BubbleBash
    - CBNK 3D
    - Challenge (sextuple word challenge)
    - Checkers
    - ChimpsAhoy
    - ColumnsDLX
    - CritterCrunch
    - CubeRise
    - Cubes
    - Dactyl
    - de Blob
    - Dizzy Bee
    - GTSWR (word racing)
    - HangmanSim
    - Hanoi (towers of hanoi)
    - HoldEm
    - iDoodle2lite
    - iDrops
    - Imangi
    - IQ boost
    - Koi Pond
    - Lumen
    - Lumina
    - Matches
    - mondo (solitaire)
    - Numba
    - Othello
    - puzzloop
    - Quordy
    - Radius
    - Scrabble
    - ShuffleBoard
    - Subway Lite
    - TanZen
    - Tetris
    - Trism
    - WHackGroundHog

    I know it's a lot so... good luck hehe Cheers.
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    Interested by few apps listed above only !

    Good Luck ;-)

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    I'm currently making additional icons. Please be certain to provide the app names EXACTLY as they appear in the Springboard.


    Also look for KillSignSuperBlack on Cydia, not "SuperBlack", KillsignSuperBlack will be updated. "Superblack" has been abandoned.

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    I'm a HUGE fan of this theme.

    But one downside..
    When I want to enter my pin, the box where you can see the digits of your pincode and where you can press 'ok' is under the buttons!
    So I'm not able to press 'OK' !
    I have to switch my theme every time I start my phone

    Oh another thing.. Can you make a custom icon for the Flashlight application found in Cydia?
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