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Thread: Time Machine 3.0 (Summerboard Theme)

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    Thumbs up Time Machine 3.0 (Summerboard Theme)
    Ok first off I am not the original maker of this theme, he has since disappeared but many loved his theme. After many requests to make this into a new zip with all the updates included, I decided to put something together.

    The Original thread is located here:

    Introducing Time Machine 3.0!

    Included in Zip file is as follows:
    1. Includes 235 old and new icons.
    2. New carbon fiber wallpaper created by me that goes awesome with this theme.
    3. All icons created by me and posted by members of this forum.
    4. Wallpapers originally designed by DigitalKid56 that were dead links in the original thread.
    5. The .psd by DigitalKid56 to make your own icons, this is why I love this theme, it is so easy to make additional icons.

    Prerequisite's for Installation:
    1. Jailbroken iPhone
    2. Summerboard must be installed as this is a SummerBoard Theme.
    3. openSSH or DropBear must be installed for file access.
    4. WinSCP or your favorite equivalent client.
    5. Photoshop - if you want to be able to make your own icons.

    1. Extract archive
    2. Copy Time Machine folder to iPhone @ /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/
    3. Open SMB Prefs and choose Time Machine as your theme.

    Additional Options:
    There are many Alternative Icons and Wallpapers to choose from.
    1. To Change the Wallpaper go to: /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Time Machine/
    You should see files like this:
    Simply change Wallpaper.png to something else the change the one you want to use to Wallpaper.png

    2. The same pretty much goes with the icons, go to:
    /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Time Machine/Icons
    All alternative Icons should have (Alt) at the end of the Icon name, to use that icon for example we want to use the icon Listen(Alt).png we need to rename Listen.png to Listen(Alt2).png then rename Listen(Alt).png to Listen.png.

    Download Time Machine 3.0 here:

    Update: January 21st
    Locations (Alternate)
    Attached Images Attached Images          
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    Any chance of getting this on installer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B1naryBand1t View Post
    Any chance of getting this on installer?
    It is already on there but it is also the old version, to update it add icons from the above as directed.

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    Link seems to be corrupt or missing. File DLs in like no time and errors when expanding.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Very cool. thank you.

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    I changed the carbon wallpaper name from a .jpg to .png
    but now I only get black wallpapers?? Even when I change
    themes???? Any ideas?? Thanks

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    The best part about this theme was how it emulated Leopard's Time Machine. The whole point was how the 4 dock icons looked amazing with the Time Machine background. I highly recommend changing the background and the dock icons back. Otherwise, thanks for the zip file.

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    Nobody is stopping you from making it look "amazing". . . All the files you speak of are included in the zip. Pictured is my personal phone and the options i have choose for it. I thought I would include them since many people complimented me on the background and such.

    Again all original files are in the zip so to anyone looking to make there iPhone look like digitalkids all the backgrounds, dock icons, and dock backgrounds are there.

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    Still can't get it. DLs but corrupt. All others here work fine.

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    good looking icons, theres so many of them!

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    You should change the wallpaper to a png.


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by skyeking69 View Post
    I changed the carbon wallpaper name from a .jpg to .png
    but now I only get black wallpapers?? Even when I change
    themes???? Any ideas?? Thanks
    You have to open the .jpg and save it as .png
    if you rename it, it is still a jpg with a wrong extension.

    Be sure that your Wallpaper.png starts with a capital W

    Great theme btw!

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    Very cool. thank you.

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    WOW these look great. I cant wait to go home and download this file!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCKid View Post
    Still can't get it. DLs but corrupt. All others here work fine.
    What are you using to UnZip? Everyone else doesn't seem to have a problem extracting it.

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    i acutally got the guitar hero theme working on 1.1.3 can someone make a guitar hero icon for the TTR using this

    and if someone is up to making a icon for the hockey app that'd be sweet too
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    anyone make any new icons for this theme?

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    awesome theme thx, yeah i miss his themes. same guy who made GunMetal right?

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    link is not working plz give it again

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauravsuneja View Post
    link is not working plz give it again
    my site is down, try the link in a hour or two.

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