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Thread: Texas Longhorn FULL THEME! Hook'em!

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    I'm going to try to have it done by Friday, and I'm making it for Summerboard and will try and add things like the battery graphics, dialer, etc. a bit later.

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    thank you so much! Are you done with it though, or do you need the weekend probably?

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    Here is a 85% finished theme

    just have to do a few more icons...

    also, those of you who are waiting for this theme, what icons would you like to see other than the main ones?

    Once again, it's a summerboard theme
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    hey, the theme looks good, but the thing is, I can't get the wallpaper or the dock to work Any ideas as to why this could be happening?

    See, this is currently what my phone looks like. The vince young background is supposed to be my lock only background:

    As far as actually critiquing the theme, I personally don't really like the cartoonish icons on any themes (the ones that are a burnt orange circle with a design in them. Perhaps it's because the background is messed up, but to me it looks a bit off because the main cons (calendar, text, weather, etc.) are all realistic. So if possible, I was wondering if you could change at least a few, like contacts, notes, photos, mail, and safari (especially mail and safari) to real icons, because I realize you can't redo every single one. That would waste all the time you put in making the other ones. But if you could when you get the time, I think it would make the theme much more uniform, and ultimately better. I LOVE ALL THE OTHER REALISTIC ONES THOUGH (especially clock, camera, maps) and can't thank you enough for doing this for us.

    Also, I hope I don't sound demanding, but do you think you could find a background that's black as opposed to white? I think the orange icons would look better on a black versus white background, and it will be possible to read the words under the icons.

    Thanks a ton though for the theme!
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    as far as the dock and background not working, make sure that dock and wallpaper.png are capitalized.

    How did you install this? using SSH?

    And I totally understand your critique. Those are the icons I haven't got around to yet. And i'll make a Black background too.

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    Yeah, I SSHed it into my summerboard.

    The capitalize thing worked, but is the theme's wallpaper supposed to be sideways? When do you think you'll be completely done with this?

    thanks again

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    I hope you get the time to finalize this theme. As a current student this would be awesome to have. On another note, what a great basketball season. Can't wait tell next year.
    Hook 'em

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Quote Originally Posted by shot388 View Post
    I hope you get the time to finalize this theme. As a current student this would be awesome to have. On another note, what a great basketball season. Can't wait tell next year.
    Hook 'em
    Really was a good season. Next year UT will be very, very tough if DJ comes back ...

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    Hey guys!!! I will be at UT Austin in 4 months I hope we will soon have this theme done completely!!!

    I am wondering if the longhorn team is a common team with texas a&m or not? Can you please help me?

    UT Austin rules!!!!!
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    well....Texas A&M is a rival of UT, however they are not our number one rival, that would be the OU Sooners. Both schools are terrible, UT is just that good.

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    Here is the package with updated Notes, Mail, Photos, and Safari icons.

    I know this still isn't a FULL theme, but I'm just stuck on Texas-ish ideas for weather and settings, and any other icons you may want done.

    If y'all have any ideas, please feel free to list them and I'll give them a try.

    P.S. I updated the wallpaper, I agree the sideways one wasn't that great looking, I hope you'll like this one better


    On the BBall team, i couldn't have asked for a more exciting year, I would have liked to have seen them go to the final four, but their season was still one to remember.
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    thnx a lot man!!!!

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    wow dude. This is an amazing theme. Thanks so much for uploading it! But can someone direct me to where I can get a black longhorn wallpaper, because I can't see the names of the icons at all, and it's kind of irritating me.

    As far as icons, don't worry about it too much. I mean, how can you relate summerboard to longhorns? But thanks so much for your effort and time. Now if someone can help me find a black background, I'll be ecstatic.

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    if you dim the background you can see the icon names, but I'll make you a black one too

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    black wallpaper
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    how do i download onto my iphone?

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    That is a great theme--thanks! I definitely like it better with the black background. In your original post, you also showed a Longhorn slider button. Will you include that in the next update?

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    When is the next update coming? It's being a long time since the last update

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    downloaded and ssh to iphone background shows up, but no icons. help!!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default My first attempt..
    This is my first attempt at a theme, so it's minimal. I used the stock theme's code provided by Saurik in WinterBoard and added a tweak or two. I didn't like the fading images he used, but the idea seemed cool enough. I've posted a sample of the wallpapers used. They'll fade every few seconds. I'll try to make some icons later I guess. Anyway, if you just load the HookEm.theme folder into the directory with the rest of the WinterBoard themes, you should be good to go.

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