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Thread: READ MY MIND v1.0 - Theme & Dialer Release

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    Wink *DL NOW* Read My Mind - Theme & Dialer Release *NOW UP FOR DOWLOAD*
    Read My Mind by


    *However, if you want to post on your website - feel free as long as you clearly state "by" in the title and description (if there is a description).

    Package includes:
    SummerBoard Theme - With icon support of over 30 applications, icon template to create your own application support.
    Dialer - With two different call backgrounds. Only one currently working*

    *If anyone knows how to have a non-uniform call background like the dialer shown in the middle of the "Screenshots" image, please PM me.

    Installation Notes:
    SummerBoard Theme - With your iPhone connected to your computer, drag & drop folder to var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes using a program like iPhoneBrowser.
    Dialer - With your iPhone connected to your computer, drag & drop files to Applications/MobilePhone using a program like iPhoneBrowser. Make sure to select the correct FW archive as the dialers for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 differ.

    For the Cleanest Look:
    Use Customize to skip the 4th row of icons and disable application names.

    - Thanks (and give thanks!) to Reako for helping me understand how to pack .artwork files!
    - Thanks (and give thanks!) to drtaru for [properly] setting up the dialer and fixing all issues!
    - Thanks to all the random sources I took the icons from : )

    This took quite a whiles to create. I could've been doing payed client work but chose to do something different (and free) for a change. So..don't expect another theme/dialer from me for a long time : )

    Pack Preview:


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    Nice! I can't wait to get my hands on this. A soon as the dl is available I'll try it. Nicely done so far.

    iPhone 1.1.2 unlocked...

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    likkuid (2008-01-06)

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    Oops! The "Screenshot" image was incorrect. Proper one added!

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    It's looking so good! To bad I can't download yet..

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    I'm working on your dialer for you as my first project.

    I'm going to need all your image sources though, hit me up in a pm if you dont want to make them publicly available.

    **UPDATE** I've gotten it Almost like your screenshot for 1.1.2, however I need the key pressed background for the numbers.
    **Update 2**I've also figured out why the call button glyph doesnt turn red, so if i can get the call button images i can fix that as well, you dont need to give me credit for doing this for you, however it would be appreciated.
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    Sounds good drtaru! Hope you can fix this soon

    And offcourse I hope the theme itself gets approved very quick :P

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    likkuid (2008-01-06)

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    Nice guy Sent him the images.

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    how could i install the dialer ? Using Customize ?

    Nice Work btw.


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    Worry about dialer installation when the new, fully working version is up. Anyways, you use something like iPhoneBrowser and with your iPhone connected to PC via USB, browse to Applications>MobilePhone and drag&drop the contents there.

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    Thanks, cant wait until the approval for the download !

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    okay i have the dialer ready to go, the only thing thats not working is the call button coloring, so im going to wait a few to recieve the file i need to get that to work, once i have that working i'll send my file to likkuid and he can test and verify that its working as intended.

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    I can't wait :P

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    File sent, now just awaiting final approval from the man.

    Oh and likkuid, you can just directly link it off my server if thats more convenient.

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    drtaru.. I'm testing under 1.1.2 and probably likkuid allready let you know that it works fine with me, but only the background of typed number is withoud the artwork of likkuid

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    We're working the kinks out Nico

    Two versions will be released - one for 1.1.1 and one for 1.1.2

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    All the kinks have been worked out, ENJOY.

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    Approved and now up for DOWNLOAD. Enjoy

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    Great! The dialer is working perfect, but I guess it's not possible to have the artworks as a background for the dialer?

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    It is possible. I just need someone to do it because I don't know how

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    Sam0r (2008-01-07)

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    Hey great theme,

    I have a request i've been testing out this theme and really think is better on my eyes
    with a clear background I have redone the wallpaper image to a blue match color, with grain texture for effect looks real clean, anyway I don't really want to touch the dock could you please release an identical dock minus the writing at the top...

    this would be greatly appreciated...
    If I have helped you click thanks...

    Upgraded to 3Gs from 2G

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