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Thread: --Blu Fire-- Battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qrexin View Post
    I wasn't sure how long Jay was gonna take to re-upload the fire battery files so I redid it myself. It seems to look just like the original. I'm not taking any credit for this, just posting it so others can get to it until Jay put's it back online. I also added a matching slider and text highlight mask.

    Just use iphone browser and dump the files on the iphone just as they appear in the zip file.
    Fire Battery
    Thanks you very much!

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    Wow those are pretty sweet.

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    i really want the blue fire but i cant find it anywhere and all links are broken, does anyone have a copy?

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    Is there any chance someone could please upload the blue,red fire battery images

    As all links as of today are dead/broken

    Would be much appreciated

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    how do you get the boot logos on you r ipod touch with winscp.
    I dsont know where to put the file.

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    I got hold of the blu fire battery images

    I renamed them to BatteryBG_1 to BatteryBG_17

    I then deleted the originals from /System/Library/CoreServices/

    I then replaced them with the blu fire renamed files using WinSCP

    I restarted the iPhone and the icon when charging is still the original green battery not the blu fire one

    Any ideas

    EDIT : Nevermind i sorted it now (must learn to make sure its correctly labled when you cut and paste file names)
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    thanks for the images by the way

    says invalid id on links.
    have a chance to upload to cydia?

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    Please, could someone just upload the Blu fire?!

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    looks slick.. wish I could DL it

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    This image set is actually still available via Customize.

    The file set is under the title "blue flame"

    On Customize, go to the Theme Browser, and then choose File Sets on the bottom right.

    Select the "Battery" category. Scroll down until you find it. For me, it's just about halfway in.

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