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Thread: Gunmetal 4.0

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    how do i use the image you had inside the terminal folder for background instead of the one with the wires?

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    You completely read my mind on the whole decepticon idea. Haven't had any time to work on any of this though. I'd like to change the edge icon to the decepticon emblem also.

    Anyone know where the edge icon is filed?

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    when i install this, settings is on left and terminal is on right...makes the back ground go off screen and look messed up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostphone View Post
    when i install this, settings is on left and terminal is on right...makes the back ground go off screen and look messed up?
    did you install his displayorder.plist

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    yes, reinstalled the everything like 3 times..nothing works.

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    Man your themes are by far the best i love them all.. Anyway you could please please please make this one without the 3rd party apps please?

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    display order is messed up..

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    It might be because your nintendo app is named something different than his. Mine was so it was putting nintendo last in the 4th row instead of 1st so the background was off. Open his displayorder and see if thats the case for you also.

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    The DisplayOrder is correct, you need to make sure you're putting it in the right place..
    Yah, make sure you're running the newest version of the The com reference name has changed..

    Open the Info.plsit in your (or any other app for that matter), and cross reference the

    Change the
    in the DisplayOrder.plist to whatever the app you are trying to load in it's place..

    In any case, When I have time, I'll make a theme without any third party apps..
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  10. #30 you know what my nintendo should be named in the displayorder because the one you have isnt working for my puts nintendo last in the 4th row instead of 1st like your displayorder is telling it to so im assuming the name doesnt match up

    I have the landscape nintendo and i change it from to before putting it on the phone.

    EDIT: NM
    Woo hoo, I got it. I remembered that your MOBILEOSX2 skin displayorder put everything in the right place on my phone so I just took the nintendo from that and put it in this one and all is well now.
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    got mine working also after reinstalling nes...i think its because i had changed the name to Nintendo. sorry for the trouble..thanks!

    maybe when can get this skin with terminal and tic tac toe removed and installer and ilauncher to replace them.
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    You mean like this?

    Last edited by digitalkid56; 2007-08-13 at 11:55 AM.

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    nice, best skin ever

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    I dig the decepticon slider. You think you can share that as well as an autobot slider?

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    what is Launcher..??

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    Damn, all of these apps are killing your skins digitalkid. Now I have Lights Off with gunmetal 4 so I have a smaller icon and a different name above it but its not too bad I guess.

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    dk56 - you always ask for images of your theme's customized so here goes...

    The Installer app is showing the MMi logo.
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    i like it greg

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    all we need now is a program to change themes like EVERY NORMAL PHONE!!

    is there a way we can have a skin without the wires? i love it all but the wires are little over dramatic once you want to sure your phone lol
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    rather have lights out then tic tact toe...tic tax toe has a cheat glitch kinda. hit top right coner, then left middle, middle, then left corner bottom.

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