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Thread: SURR3A1 Metal Dialer 1.1.1

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    thanks!!! Going to install it right away!! Your awesome!!

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    These are crazy. I got the steel, GF got the blue. Keep it poppin'

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    Many thanks great Dialer, had a problem at first on 1.1.2, but works a treat on 1.1.2.


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    purple is great but the 2 colors are also awsome, how can i download the purple?

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    Best dialers yet.
    Nice quality. THANKS!!

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    EDIT: Nvr mind I had forgotten to copy over the packedimages.artwork file all is well now, VERY sweet dialer! Thanks!
    So YES this does work perfectly on 1.0.2 WooT!

    OK I'm having an issue with this sweet pad! I'm still on 1.0.2 but figured I'd give it a whirl. I copied everything over and rebooted and the dialerpad showed up for about a second then went to default but the add contact button, call button, and delete button worked fine and stayed up. Any idea why the dialer pad itself would revert back to the default? It seems like the default wouldnt even be on the phone anymore so I'm wondering how its showing up. Please give me some suggestions on fixing it.
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    if i need to go back to original dialer what do i need to back up?

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    the files with the same name that are in the package you download for this dialer.

    Isn't that easy?

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    Default I got an issue
    im using 1.0.2, when i load my keypad it shows for a second and then defaults to the original keypad but for some weird reason the add contact , delete and call seem to work

    sorry , i fixed it , my bad
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    Some new stuff added. Check it out on 1st page.

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    where's the theme to downloand?

    other than that you have major talent!! wow.

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    Second the suggestion for a black with neon blue backlit numbers
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    I'm really loving that red dialer. Thank you very much for the new updates. I'm currently switching between the red and black one hehehe

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    Do you mean something like that. This is just a draft. And btw this is a new version of the dialer. I call it "Metal Special 1":

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    LOVE THE DIALER!!! Especially the red one. Nice work!!


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    Hey SURR3A1 do you think that its posible to make a transparent bar dialer ? and if its can you help me to make one ..please

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    Quote Originally Posted by surr3a1 View Post
    Do you mean something like that. This is just a draft. And btw this is a new version of the dialer. I call it "Metal Special 1":
    If you ask what I was thinking...

    Something more like the original (darker) metal with something like the metal blue used for the numbers. Like the Blue LED on my PC case
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    1. welll... transparent... ok... but what would you have on the background? Transparent can be just an effect?

    2. and about the black with blue backlit... well it is really difficult for me to choose the blue color. i'll think. I can make the dialer for whatever color you may wish... but the real problem is picking the backlit. You can't just put a solid color... or can you. See the blue on the sides and in the center. Which one. Or you can suggest another:

    I put a link for the theme to download. As I mentioned before the icons are not designed by me. I just put the metallic frame and did some color changes. They were taken from the Mistique/REALiZED themes so give credits to their creators.

    Any comments are welcomed as always. Enjoy it. I made it (as with the dialers) because there are some really bad themes out there or they are too childish or whatever.

    Honor me with a "Thanks" if you find that useful.

    Thank you!
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    I like the center blue and maybe use the edge blue as part of the hilight when keys are pressed?
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    well I want to use my wallpapers as a background to match my iphone theme and i dont want to make a new theme everytime that i want to change my bar dialer everytime when i change my theme .. so im asking you SURR3A1 to see if its possible and if its can u help me?

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